Slinkee Minx - 'This Is Your Night'

Slinkee Minx - 'This Is Your Night'

Slinkee Minx - 'This Is Your Night', ready to electrify the dancefloor



Australian noughties dance-pop icons Slinkee Minx are set to drop their first major release for 2024 – 'This Is Your Night', a modern spin on a classic 90s club anthem. This explosive radio-friendly release unleashes fresh flirty vibes to the dancefloor and once again showcases why Slinkee Minx remain one of Australia's best and most enduring female dance music acts.


Few have the history or street cred to bring reworked club anthems like 'This Is Your Night' to a new generation of music lovers. Collaborating with legendary Aria award-winning producer James Ash (Rogue Traders), 'This Is Your Night' fuses some of the song's original sounds, with silky upbeat vocals, punchy piano synths, exhilarating drops and an insatiable beat that will get stuck in your head for days! The result is quintessential Slinkee Minx a signature sound fans have loved since they launched onto the scene two decades ago.

Part of the golden era of dance music in the early 2000s, Slinkee Minx have had multiple successive top ten dance hits both in Australia and internationally, including their unforgettable smash 'Summer Rain', continuing to amass millions of music streams worldwide.


Loved equally for their original music and on-point interpretations, 'This Is Your Night' is sure to be another Slinkee Minx dancefloor filler!


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