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Sony W270S Walkman

Sony W270S Walkman


Following the launch of the wireless NWZ-W270 Walkman Sports MP3 Player last year, Sony is announcing the new NWZ-W270S all-in-one digital music player. The new Walkman is suited not just for the actively mobile fitness enthusiast, but also for those who enjoy listening to music while doing laps in the pool.

Featuring the same iconic compact design, the new NWZ-W270S player is available in 4GB capacity, making it more convenient for users to carry more music with them wherever they go.

Besides coming in a variety of colours1 to match one's fitness attire, the water-proof NWZ-W270S Walkman Sports MP3 Player comes with both standard-type earbuds and newly developed swimming earbuds which help to increase water resistance, allowing you to listen to what's playing more comfortably while in the water.

The NWZ-W270S player delivers up to eight hours of audio playback on a full charge of 90 minutes. It also offers a convenient quick-charge function that ensures music playback for up to 60 minutes with just three minutes of charge time, even if the battery is fully depleted.

The NWZ-W270S is available in Australia now for SRP for $99.


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