Stephanie Rice Unichi Interview

Stephanie Rice Announced as Unichi's New Brand Ambassador for the Asia Pacific Region

Australian beauty and wellbeing brand, Unichi - which is synonymous with the unique, authentic and premium - has partnered with Stephanie Rice to embody its signature uniqueness and be their brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific region.

CEO Claudia Liu commented: 'We are so excited to have Stephanie as our new brand ambassador, for the next two years. Besides her drive and determination, she stands for resilience, confidence, health and beauty from within. Everything at Unichi that we convey through our products."

As a triple Olympic gold medallist, health and wellness inspiration and mindset coach, Rice was selected as an ideal person to represent the growing brand. With her focus on inspiring others to be the best they can, her many inspiring facets reflect the Unichi brand, with its premium products designed to help make women feel well, happy, authentic and confident.

Stephanie Rice commented:'I'm thrilled to join the Unichi family as a Asian Pacific ambassador because it's such an authentic alignment of values and goals. Through my mindset coaching, I am always sharing the importance of women believing in themselves and feeling worthy, which all starts from within.

'I believe beauty is a reflection of how we see ourselves and I want to help women all over the world look and feel healthy and so does Unichi, through their fantastic products."

Stephanie is a natural fit for Unichi, as Claudia explains: "Stephanie is someone young women look up to – being global with a great social media presence makes her accessible to a broad audience.

As a global brand born in the internet age, accessibility has always been part of our offering, and we take every opportunity to get closer to our consumers, understanding their wants and needs."

Founded in Australia just three years ago, Unichi is now a global company specialising in the development of unique health supplements and skincare products that source premium, natural, environmentally friendly and innovative ingredients from Australia and around the world. Unichi's Australian-made products are developed to the highest standards using the latest scientific research and clinical studies to curate health and beauty essentials that support overall well-being.

Unichi currently has three product lines available in the Australian market, Saffronia™, Origins of Australia™ and Forty Fathoms™. Each product provides unique benefits, including skin rejuvenation and nourishment, nutritional support and improvements to overall health and vitality.

From next month, Unichi products will be available nationally in over 400 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores.

Interview with Stephanie Rice

Question: What do you love about Unichi?

Stephanie Rice: I love Unichi's focus on overall wellness, not just beauty or health. The heart of the brand is to make people feel better inside, which they transfers out! Unichi focuses on women – which means I know the supplements and products have been developed with my skin and body in mind.

Question: Why did you decide to become an ambassador for Unichi?

Stephanie Rice: Every now and then an ambassador partnership comes around that is a completely organic fit. We both share a very similar message on holistic health, inner healing and being unique. So for me, it was a blessing to be the face of their brand, because not only does it allow me to share the my message of true inner health on a large platform across all of Asian Pacific, but it's also makes my work in promoting it so easy or authentic.

Question: Were you surprised to hear that Unichi sells 14 bottles of beauty products every minute?

Stephanie Rice: I was definitely surprised until I tried all the products for myself, but I totally get it now because I always start my day my Forty Fathoms' Skin Regenerator and Saffronia tablets and I've noticed such a difference.

Question: Which of the Unichi is your favourite?

Stephanie Rice: My go-to is Forty Fathoms' Skin Regenerator duo, especially because my skin gets so dry in winter, especially after being in the pool. I find using the light weight moisturiser first, followed by the cream makes me skin super hydrated and refreshed, which is perfect for me as I don't wear much makeup. I love knowing that its make from Tasmania's brown seaweed which is full of magical benefits.

Question: What Unichi products do you use daily?

Stephanie Rice: I start each morning with 2 Saffronia tablets, which are a natural mood enhancer to ensure I'm kickstarting each day with the right attitude. Plus I have recently been taking a shot of the new Rosehip Extract which is doing wonders for my nails.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Stephanie Rice: I always start my day with a glass of lemon water and a green tea, then head back into my room for a 15min visualisation or meditation exercise to make sure I'm priming my mind for the day ahead.

Then I will do 30 minutes of either a HIIT work or a yoga flow 5 x a week.

Sometime I then take my office work to Dickie's, my local vegan café in Brisbane so I can enjoy a delicious salad or veggie burger.

Question: Which foods do you consume, the most?

Stephanie Rice: I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, My go-to dinner is purple sweet potato, organic raw spinach, rocket, cucumber and avo salad with roasted almonds and chickpeas in a tamari sauce. Then I usually always have desert, which is a cacao tea with a piece (or 2) of vegan chocolate.

Question: What motto do you currently live by?

Stephanie Rice: I have always lived by the same motto which carried me through my swimming career which is: Be The Best You Can Be

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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