Tay Oskee Blood Rush

Tay Oskee Blood Rush

Sunshine Coast-based artist Tay Oskee has shared his new single 'Blood Rush', teaming up with Tia Gostelow to create the perfect duo for this laid-back, sparkly indie-folk track, out via Believe & just in time to soundtrack your Summer roadtrip.

'Blood Rush' was co-written at APRA AMCOS' SongHubs with Tom Eggert and Josh King, making it the first collaborative effort for Tay. The joint song writing process allowed Tay to approach the new single differently, pushing him to be open to other ideas and embracing more of a pop approach. Regardless of the external input, he still made sure the heart of the track was still fundamentally a Tay Oskee song.

Following SongHubs, Tay returned home to the Sunshine Coast with the bones of what he knew was a special song, "So the song already really had something, but in the demo version I was belting the chorus and we had electronic drums, it was a vibe but not quite me. I set up a makeshift studio in my Aunties shack in Kin Kin. That's where I tracked real drums and re-recorded parts to give it a more laid-back indie-folk feel. That's when I really felt that a 'Young Folks' duet kinda thing would work so well."

On working with Tia Gostelow, "Tia and I met a ges ago in Mackay and we're both NT/FNQ kids, after the re-connect at Songhubs I gave her a message on Insta because I thought her voice would fit so well. It took a while for her to see it so I though she wasn't keen at first then I got a message back s aying how much she loved the track. I was so stoked! We only had one day to make it work and we were kinda left with only one option, to record it at Tia's house in Brisbane. It was really chill but didn't come without its challenges, Tia absolutely smashed her parts as you can hear in the song but for some reason the Cicada's decided to come out in full force! When I got home and opened the files up, I thought they weren't usable at first, thank God for modern EQ and de-noising plugins!"

Tia comments, "I loved working on this song with Tay, it's such a fun summer bop and it's literally been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. I feel super grateful that Tay asked me to feature on it and can't wait for people to be slamming this on their car radio and singing it at the top of their lungs!"

To coincide with the release of the brand-new single, Tay has shared the clip, reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, which will leave you longing for a coastal road trip.

Explaining the story behind the clip he says, "The song is a classic story of me telling my partner that it's all good, just one more year and I'll be a star but at the same time knowing the reality of taking $400 gigs that require hours of driving and flights. I wanted to show that in the clip so it's basically me travelling like 17 hours for an actual show at a tiny cafe called Bingil Bay Cafe. This is just around from my childhood home and was actually the first show I played under Tay Oskee."

"I directed and edited the clip while my mate Timmy Wilson handled the filming, it was heaps of work and very low budget but I'm so stoked how it came out. We ha d some classic times, some of the highlights were my show at Bingil Bay Cafe, which is where we filmed all the dancing scenes. It was classic seeing my parents and old friends just get loose! We are a different breed in FNQ, and Bingil Bay is one of those places that just has these characters, they don't care what other people think. It's what makes it so special up there, along with the amazing scenery. The Dunk Island scenes weren't even planned but my dad has a small boat, and my mate had a licence so we raced over for the afternoon, got some shots, almost beached the boat and ended up driving back in the dark. Typical low budget, not well planned, but a heap of fun and I think we actually nailed some great shots!"

Emerging from the Byron Bay busking s cene over the past five years, and supporting artists & friends Ziggy Alberts, Kyle Lionhart & Garret Kato, 'Blood Rush' follows on from 2020 EP Caught Up In the Wire, No More.

The EP has amassed over 9.5 million streams on Spotify, and includes hits 'Floating' & 'Black Smoke'.