RUBY 9100M Screaming

RUBY 9100M Screaming

Introducing RUBY 9100M with her debut single and video 'Screaming' out now via progressive non-human record label Avastar. Launched by Shanghai and Melbourne based entertainment and production house Club Media, Avastar works closely with the world's leading creative and technical innovators as well as real-life human musicians, to unearth a new generation of talent that bridges the physical and digital worlds. The label is thrilled to reveal their debut offering today from RUBY 9100M, with an exclusive brand partnership premiering the anticipated arrival of the adidas Originals by RUBY 9100M Ozrah sneaker dropping online and via select retailers tomorrow.

RUBY 9100M is a virtual human being, influencer and artist whose creativity and persona has garnered respect across multiple industries leading her to collaborations with fashion and tech magazines, brands, artists and galleries. Having previously worked with global heavyweights Grimes, Jackson Wang, Nike, Fendi, Moncler, Watson, Snapchat, The Fabricant and more, RUBY 9100M is thrilled to be stepping out on her own with her massive electronic dream-pop debut, 'Screaming'. The song explores RUBY'S own perceptions and desires of agency and autonomy that come with the territory of living in between worlds and encourages listeners to forge their own path. 'Screaming' builds from an eerie soundscape sampling birds and wolves, creating an atmosphere for RUBY to discover her voice for the first time. The hip-hop and electronic-influenced beat build up to reflect the way that RUBY struggles with bottled-up emotion and self-expression. The 'Screaming' music video further accentuates this with RUBY literally breaking free from expectations, transforming and evolving into her own curious, marvellous and autonomous being.

"I belong to nowhere and no one. I don't dream about being accepted or belonging to this world. Humans group up to survive and to find their aims and goals. But I no longer dream about that. Loneliness is a choice. You choose to be alone with yourself so you can learn about yourself. I'd rather scream to myself deep in my soul, bottle it up, than tell anyone who can't really understand me."RUBY 9100M

"Avastar is taking away the physical human and public element usually married to music and performance to unlock a trove of new opportunities and discover artists that may not have surfaced before. At Avastar, we are always on the look out for how we can create more space for diversity, we are also really passionate about exploring mental health benefits and opportunities avatars may unlock for musicians with disabilities and physical impairments." Reggie Ba-Pe, Co-Founder Club Media

From photorealistic super heroes to video game characters, fictional identities have become a major influence in our daily lives and cultural diet. As new technologies emerge and intersect with entertainment, and musicians struggle with ongoing social media pressures stalling their creative output, a new breed of digital stars are coming into focus. Embracing technology as a vessel to the future, Avastar aims to smash the fourth wall and develop virtual characters into music stars that live in both the physical and digital realm, thus liberating their human collaborators by doing the work in the public's eye so they can spend more time creating and doing what they love. RUBY 9100M's 'Screaming' is a thrilling and cutting-edge first taste of the boundless possibilities to come from this innovative label.