Taylor Janzen Something Better

Taylor Janzen Something Better

TaylorJanzen has delivered another meaningful and emotional tune with her latest single "SomethingBetter." Deeply personal with an acoustic element that feeds into a pop beat, Taylor uses her twinkling voice to express the realizations, growth, and maturity she's experienced on her journey to healing.  

On writing "Something Better," Taylor Janzen said "I wrote Something Better about how our childhood experiences shape who we are as adults. Over the past year I've learned a lot about nurturing my inner child, hearing them out, making room for them.

A lot of the things I struggle with now as an adult are patterns that started from generations before me, wounds that were never healed, born from people who never learned how to heal. This song is about wanting better for myself, tending to my fears and trying to find new healthy ways to exist."

Growing up, Taylor wasn't encouraged to speak through her feelings, so turned to songwriting as an outlet. As a result, with each song we're granted an intimate and almost painstakingly brazen glimpse into the most heart wrenching pages of her diary.  She writes candidly, touching on the topics of mental health and emotional abuse, noting that, "the music that I write is very honest, so it speaks for itself." Her talent is not lost on her audience with Music Week most recently describing her work as "unstoppable, brilliant songwriting."

Janzen's debut EP, Interpersonal garnered praise from the likes of Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers and The New York Times. A year later in 2019, her second EP Shouting Matches garnered praise from Exclaim!, NYLON, Paste, Noisey, i-D and more. Taylor then kicked off 2020 as an Official Artist at SXSW where she performed at the Rolling Stone Emerging Artist Showcase and NPR featured her in their coveted Austin 100. Her melodies and successes have not gone unnoticed as she's landed two Lollapalooza performances this year on July 29th and will be supporting X Ambassadors on their upcoming US tour.