Yourboymars Cheating

Yourboymars Cheating

From the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, hails Yourboymars who is on the path to takeover Australia's hiphop music scene that has exponentially grown over the past two years. Yourboymars hasversatility from butter-smooth R&B right through to Afrobeat-backedhip-hop and distinctive trap-rap; At only 20 years of age he is on theforefront of the young 'new-wave' Australian music scene alongsidenames such as Youngn Lipz, Day1 & Creed Tha Kid.

Yourboymars is a singer-songwriter, rapper and producer who is on therise to greatness. He aspires to always better himself through his musicand represents his passion for his Habesha culture. He brings a newwave of music to the hip-hop scene with a clean mixture of afro-beats,trap, soul and r&b.

The song 'Cheating' is based on a story of disloyalty and betrayal. The act of one in a relationship not beingfaithful to the other. 'He' (from Yourboymars perspective) begins to not act blind to the fact that it might be thecase and gets to a point where he finds clues that backup his doubts.
To complement the audio, the music video filmed in numerous locations around Perth sees the relationship atits darkest point. Music video HERE!'

"Cheating is a story for those who may have gone through something, from heartbreak to life's challenges, a story youcan relate to..''

It's more of a story of how one lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.

The release of 'Cheating' is the first time The Area Movement have worked with an artist outside of Sydney andYourboymars' first major label release, releasing under DB Music/Warner Music Australia.