Third D3gree Different Kind Of Love Interview

Third D3gree Different Kind Of Love Interview

Third D3gree Different Kind Of Love Interview

Third D3gree's debut single -Different Kind Of Love' was written by Ryan McMahon and Ben Berger, aka Captain Cuts, as well as Leon Else. Captain Cuts are an L.A based producer and writer duo who have worked with the likes of Timomatic, Ellie Goulding and Britney Spears.

Interview with Third D3gree

Question: How would you describe your debut single, Different Kind Of Love?

Jacinta: Different Kind Of Love is our first single and it is a fun party dance track available on iTunes. The song was written in LA by Captain Cuts and Leon Else, Third D3gree co-wrote the rap.

Kelebek: It was really fun to co-write as a group and be able to connect with writing, in that sense.

Question: Are you going to continue to write together?

Kelebek: Yes, we are hoping to write new songs together, in the future.

Question: What inspires you when you're writing your own music and lyrics?

Kelebek: Particularly for Different Kind Of Love because it is a party song, at the time we wanted to have fun and be inspired by the nights when we do go out, when we can relax and let loose! In other terms of writing it depends on whether you are motivated by life, love or anything else at the time. I use anything meaningful in my life that affects me to inspire my song-writing and skills.

Question: What was the hardest thing for you to overcome, as a solo artist, when you were put into Third D3gree by the X Factor judges?

Jacinta: The hardest thing for us was that we were complete strangers, to each other and the hardest thing, at first, was putting your trust into these people because we had no history and from that moment we had to rely on each other to get further in the X Factor competition.

We acted fairly quickly and realised how similar we all are which meant we really gelled however at first that was quite hard.

Question: How difficult was it to quickly churn out songs/performances each week when you were still learning how to harmonise together using your individual strengths?

Kelebek: It was definitely a quick process as we had no time to spare; we had to get our mindsets together and work as a team. Once we did that we were able to grow as a group and as you saw we made it very far in the X Factor competition, I am very pleased by our achievements.

I believe it is much harder for a group rather than a solo artist because we had to not only work on learning on how to work with each other and learn about our own individual personalities and differences but also to harmonise together and create a stage presence for when we perform.

Jacinta: And to do choreography! Other groups can stand and sing but Third D3gree is urban and dancing was another element that was added to what we had to do each week and that was really hard, for us.

Kelebek: I come from a freestyle background of dancing which meant it was harder for me as I've never had lessons in choreography dancing whereas Jacinta and Jordan, had. Their strengths were great because they helped me out with the dancing and I picked up and that is something I am still working on, right now. I want to learn more about the process and behind the scenes of choreography dancing along with lessons.

Question: How much support did Natalie Bathingswaite offer with this, using her Rogue Traders experience?

Jacinta: Natalie Bathingswaite was such an incredible mentor for Third D3gree, she always helped us. Nat is so stylish and she knows what is -now' and current which is why she was a great mentor for us. Nat helped us in so many ways and she always went above and beyond even if it meant staying back late, to help us rehearse. Nat would always call us, to see how we were going; she was a true mentor.

Question: What's next for you, will we see an album from Third D3gree?

Kelebek: We definitely see some new stuff coming out, with more flavours added, as well. Different Kind Of Love is a pop track and we loved trialling that style of music. We would like to try different styles to find our artistry within that. We are working as a team to write new stuff.

Jacinta: We are on tour, at the moment and as soon as the tour is finished we have planned writing sessions, in the studio for new songs. We hope to get a lot of music out to keep everyone happy including producing great music.

Question: How is the X Factor Live tour going?

Jacinta: The X Factor Live tour is going so well, we are having the best time.

Kelebek: We are currently in Melbourne.

Jacinta: And, we have Adelaide, Brisbane Gold Coast and Perth to go! We enjoyed Sydney.

Question: Which was your favourite song that you performed on X Factor?

Jacinta: Our favourite song was the song we were most nervous about, it was for X Factor Rock Week; we sang By The Way, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Unfortunately we cannot perform that on tour because it was such a huge production, with a live band and fire! On the X Factor Live tour we are trying to replicate what we did on the show, as best we can.

The reason By The Way is our favourite song from X Factor is because we overcame the huge challenge of Rock Week.

Kelebek: We got a lot of good feedback from By The Way from all ages. Many people will approach us to say that By The Way was their favourite and I was really happy with that. It was such a shock because at the start we were freaking out wondering if it was all going to work.

Question: If you'd have had more say, is there a song or group you would have picked to perform?

Jacinta: All we wanted to perform at one point was Black Eyed Peas and we are so happy that when it was Judges Challenge Week that Red Foo picked Black Eyed Peas, Pump It, for us. We adore Black Eyed Peas because they're so cool and in a way we are similar to them but then in other ways we are not.

Kelebek: Black Eyed Peas are a big inspiration for us, musically especially because all three of us love Black Eyed Peas and we've grown up with their music which is why they've been an inspiration and even more now we are in a mixed group. We want to be like Black Eyed Peas in terms of their music success.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Jacinta: It is definitely really fun performing live especially because you can feed off the audience's energy. The studio is really fun too, we love recording music and when we recorded Different Kind Of Love we had the best time, we were jamming and it wasn't like work. I do enjoy performing live though because ultimately I love performing for people and entertaining is ultimately what we want to do.

Kelebek: After performing live we go home with a happy feeling in our hearts because we've helped people feel relieved and happy. I love seeing people jumping up and down and letting loose; life is all about being positive and having fun! Don't be too stressed…

Question: How will your costumes change now, X Factor is finished and you have more say?

Jacinta: Our costumes on the X Factor were very eccentric and we enjoyed that because we were always up for fun, we never had any objections to our costumes. We will make our costumes a little more edgy and we'll definitely have more of a say in what we do with Third D3gree whilst still taking direction from Nat (Natalie Bathingswaite) and everyone who has helped us along the way as they have helped us mould Third D3gree.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Kelebek: Ohhhh!

Jacinta: We have spoken about this… There are so many!

Kelebek: At the moment, it would be best for Third D3gree to work with any producer who has worked with loads of artists; not just one in particular such as David Guetta and will i am. We are interested in working with producers because we believe that will push us, in the industry.

Question: Kelebek, no more dancing collaborations with Red Foo?

Kelebek: No… I think his in LA at the moment working; Foo is a really good guy and it was great that we could learn a lot from him, as well. He was always behind the scenes helping out all of the artists, on X Factor. Red Foo is a really cool guy.

Jacinta: He is so much fun and his always the joker, that's what we love about him!

The X Factor Live Tour 2013

The X Factor is coming to its nail-biting conclusion with five finalists left battling it out. The top five contestants will embark on The X Factor Live Tour 2013 this November. The massive tour is confirmed to feature Dami Im, Jai Waetford, Jiordan Tolli, Taylor Henderson and Third D3gree.
General public can snap up a ticket now, with all tickets priced at just $79 to go on sale through various outlets.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 kicks off on Saturday 23rd November and will hit Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and finish up in Perth.

Headlined by The X Factor 2013 grand final winner and the remaining top four contestants, the Live Tour experience will give these talented performers the opportunity to get up close and personal with their fans. The top five includes, Queenslander Dami Im, 24, Jai Waetford, 14, from New South Wales, Victorians Jiordan Tolli, 19, Taylor Henderson, 20 and Third D3gree trio Jordan, 18 from Victoria, Kelebek, 18 and Jacinta, 19, from New South Wales. The top five will get this amazing opportunity to perform onstage live in the Australian arena tour.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 is a true extension of the TV show and will deliver an entertaining music spectacular with the impressive production elements and striking stage and set design that have made The X Factor one of the most well-loved and visually remarkable programs on Australian television. The top five contestants will perform a selection of their most loved songs from their time on The X Factor, with exciting special guests to be announced. 

Australia's favourite TV show The X Factor has been one of the year's highest rating television programs, pulling in over 1.5 million viewers weekly. This year the show has been overseen by the judges and music heavyweights Redfoo, body rocker and LMFAO front man; Natalie Bassingthwaighte, entertainment icon and Australian recording artist; Ronan Keating, Irish singing-songwriting superstar and Australian darling and singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue. 

The X Factor has uncovered some of Australia's best talent with Samantha Jade, The Collective, Reece Mastin, Nathaniel Willemsie and Johnny Ruffo just some of the performers to become household names after appearing on the show.

'The X Factor" format has created more global superstars than any other singing competition television show including One Direction, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd and Olly Murs.

The X Factor is now aired in 205 countries, and local versions of 'The X Factor" are now commissioned in 45 territories.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013
Saturday 23 November: Newcastle Entertainment Centre NEWCASTLE        
Sunday 24 November: Sydney Hordern Pavilion, SYDNEY
Tuesday 26 November: Palais Theatre, MELBOURNE
Thursday 28 November: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, ADELAIDE           
Friday 29 November: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, BRISBANE           
Saturday 30 November: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, GOLD COAST   
Monday 2 December: Perth Arena, PERTH           

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Interview by Brooke Hunter