Top Tips On How To Nail Your Visa Interview

Top Tips On How To Nail Your Visa Interview

Getting a visa is required today in order to be granted access in countries such as the US. Without a visa, traveling is made difficult or even impossible, and you are stopped in your tracks before your next adventure even begins. The only thing worse than not having a visa is being rejected when attempting to get one. Here, we will share some important tips on how to nail your visa interview so that you can successfully begin your adventure on foreign territory.

Convince them you love your country
You might be inclined to believe that a visa interview is all about how much you want to cross the border. In reality, it's about how much you want to return home. When being interviewed for a visa for countries like the US, the consular will want to make sure that you will return once your visa expires, if you apply for anything else than a immigrant visa. This means that until you prove them otherwise, they will think that you are just trying to cross the border and never return. Provide proof of stability and things that keep you tied to your homeland, such as a job, family, any business you might have at home, inheritance and anything in between.

Know the language
Traveling to the US without knowing a word in English is a very bad idea for multiple reasons. Attempting to get a visa under these circumstances is an even worse idea because you would be wasting the time of multiple people, including yourself. You need to make sure that you know the language, at least at a conversational level although the better you are at talking the language spoken in the country you visit, the higher your chances get for actually being accepted.

Answer straight and to the point
In other interview types, you might be in the right for trying to prolong the conversation as much as possible but when it comes to a visa interview, you want to keep your answers short and directly related to what you are being asked. This is because the interviewer will most likely almost be in a rush to get to the next interviewee simply due to the number of applicants showing up for interviews. That being said, give them the answers they are expecting without going off course or talking about unrelated things. It's most likely that their final impression of you will be fully developed within the first couple of minutes of conversation.

These are the things you must look out for when planning to travel in a visa-requiring country. Make sure to send out all your visa applications as early on as possible and check the ESTA status here.


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