Vmores Snap Supplement

Vmores Snap Supplement

Vmores - The First Ever Freeze Dried Supplement Range

Meet Vmores:
NEW Australian beauty and health brand, Vmores has perfected a delicious, natural and fuss-free supplement range, utilising innovative freeze dry technology and the best selection of Australian ingredients.

What Is Freeze-Dried Technology?
Freeze dry technology processes formulas at very low temperatures to completely remove water from the materials, keeping the original ingredient nutrients intact, active and melt-in-your-mouth. Whilst the use of freeze-dry technology (across a number of categories) is increasing in popularity, the technology has actually been around for years! Freeze dry technology was used during WWII for military medication and food, and by NASA in the 50s and 60s for Astronaut food and supplementation.

Meet Vmores Product Range:

Up your selfie game with Vmores Snap Supplement!
Vmores Snap Hair, Skin & Nails features yoghurt, vitamins, minerals and fresh fruit cranberry purée for a delicious, natural taste. Innovative freeze-drying preparation enhances the activity of key beauty-boosting ingredients:
Collagen to support collagen collagen production and skin elasticity
Silica + VC to support strong skin, hair and nails
Biotin prevents hair loss and hair thinning
Resveratrol antioxidant neutralizes free radical damage for youthful skin

RRP: $39.95.
Directions: Take one sachet per day, chew directly!

Meet Dash, our 10 Billion Probiotics freeze-dried supplement!
A happy, healthy gut begins with Vmores Dash supplement! Vmores 10 Billion Probiotics contains yoghurt, vitamins, minerals and detoxifying superfoods including; spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage powder and fresh fruit apple purée which adds a delicious, healthy flavour. Dash aids in the maintenance of:
A healthy digestive system
A healthy immune system
Weight management

RRP: $48.00
Directions: Take one sachet per day, chew directly!

Are available to purchase at selected Priceline Pharmacies, Terry White chemists and independent pharmacies.
Low temperature freeze dry process keeps the original ingredient nutrients intact and active.
Feature natural colours and flavours.
DO NOT contain preservatives.
Contain NO added sugar.
Are made in Australia from at least 70% Australian ingredients.