AG WHP01K Wireless Headphones

AG WHP01K Wireless Headphones

AG-WHP01K is a wireless headphone with excellent sound, stable connection, and easy to use. Equipped with a hybrid noise cancelling system while delivering high quality sound and a rich soundstage. AG-WHP01K is the first headphone product made under the ag brand.


The AG-WHP01K is a wireless headphone with excellent sound, a stable connection, and are easy to use. They are classed under the K-series that aims to provide sound quality that would satisfy the needs of audiophiles. The AG-WHP01K is the first headphone product made under the ag brand. The headphones are equipped with a hybrid noise cancelling system, deliver high quality sound with a rich soundstage that is easily considered as the best choice among products in the same category and price range.


High quality sound professionally tuned by final
The sound is professionally tuned by the Japanese high-end audio brand, final. With the unpleasant sound caused by Bluetooth being delicately treated, the WHP01K delivers superb clarity and a sufficient amount of bass.


ANC Function as noise filtering earmuff
The ANC function can be activated even when music is not playing. A personal quiet space can be easily achieved on a train, airplane, or at work. This function is extremely helpful when concentration is needed or while taking a nap.


aptX LL™ ️with superb sound quality and stable connectivity
In addition to SBC and AAC, the WHP01K also supports aptX LL™ which delivers superb sound quality with exceptional connection stability. The WHP01K is compatible with a wide range of models such as iPhone and Android, through simple and easy pairing.


Up to 35 hours of music playback
Every single full charge offers up to 35 hours of music playback.


Foldable structure for compact storage
The headphones can be folded into a compact form making them convenient to carry. A carrying pouch is also enclosed as an accessory to offer extra protection.


Hybrid noise-cancelling feature
By utilizing 2 mics which are separately implanted outside and inside the earcups, the WHP01K offers a high-quality noise-cancelling feature by consistently comparing the ambient noise level and the processed driver output, then making sufficient adjustments to achieve high-quality noise cancelling.

Multi-fit Housing Structure
The earcup housing rotates flexibly to fit every head perfectly to achieve seamless sealing which is essential to improve the bass performance and prevent sound leakage.


Comfortable phone calling
Equipped with a high-quality microphone, the WHP01K can be used not only for phone calls but online conferences. Together with the ANC feature, one can pay full attention to the conference without being disturbed by environmental background noise.


Fingerprint-proof matte finishing
Soft-textured powder coating offers a beautiful surface that is superb at dirt resistance and fingerprint resilience.


Physical wired connection capability
The WHP01K can easily be transformed to become a pair of wired headphones when the battery runs out by simply connecting the headphones to the source with the included audio cable.


Ag WHP01K Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones is available now exclusively via BusiSoft AV and select dealers across Australia and New Zealand. 

Available in Black, Dark Grey & Cream

RRP: $149


Editors Review:


When it comes to headphones, it's quite surprising to find high quality sound at a reasonable price. The ag WHPO1K wireless noise cancelling headphones are just that.


While I had some teething issues connecting to computer, the headset is comfortable with a good seal to lock out surrounding noises effectively.  Having a bit of a pea head (size S in helmets), they sit they are good size and have a large range to adjust for those who are larger. I found the ear cut size to be just right for me, a snug comfortable fit. Great to use with your laptop and really comfortable option for the treadmill.


I love the colour options and the superior sound quality which is sharp and as with the earphones has a strong bass sound which is not found usually in this price range. The wireless doesn't work well through multiple walls, so ideally have the device within distance. 

I asked my son to play his music in the kitchen while I was in the at other end of room at mid range I couldn't hear it, at full volume I could hear the music but it wasn't overbearing, more of a low hum which is really impressive.


There are 3 buttons on the right earcup, along with a 3.5mm cable insert that comes with the headset. Labelled power, volume up and volume down, the are actually multi function buttons. Hold power for 3 seconds to turn off/on, or tap for play/pause. The volume buttons also work as skip forward/back if held for longer.


For travel the earcups fold in and a cloth case is included, so great for flying as well.

For the price, the ag WHP01K wireless headphones quality sound is a bargin.



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