A&norma SR25

A&norma SR25


SR25 – the new hi-fi standard


Leading the market in hi-fi audio for everyday consumers, Korean brand Astell&Kern has just released the most affordable high resolution audio player in their line – the A&norma SR25. The essence of Astell&Kern's philosophy that sound quality is never compromised is exemplified in the SR25, which expresses every musical detail and bit-perfect playback as only Astell&Kern can.


Superseding the SR15 as Astell&Kern's newest entry-level audio player, the SR25 model continues the innovative A&norma standard line for the brand, the beginning point for the hi-fi audio experience that allows everyday consumers to enjoy the philosophy and technologies of Astell&Kern, which is accoladed by audiophiles around the world.


"The SR25 is a new mass premium product that brings the philosophy of Astell&Kern to provide music the way it was meant to be heard, without compromise to an affordable, high quality player, with a luxury design that has received international award recognition," said Baek Chang-Hum, Director of Dreamus, parent company of Astell&Kern.


The SR25 supports native DSD256 and 32bit/384kHz audio for the first time in an Astell&Kern standard product and boasts performance that cannot be compared with other competitors' products. The latest model, which is smaller than other players, has been developed to achieve stable, ultra-high resolution sound. A new Performance Mode has been developed that automatically optimizes and sets the memory mode in the system according to the data size of the source being played. As the resolution of the sound source increases, it is necessary to process a large amount of data rapidly. If this part is not optimized, sound breakup may occur. To prevent this, the SR25 uses the new Performance Mode to adjust and optimize the system in order to produce near perfect sound quality when playing back high resolution audio.


The SR25 firmware is based on Android 9.0, which adds a number of behind the scene features and upgrades to provide more stable operation over previous versions of Android OS. The use of Android 9.0 ensures the most popular music streaming apps installed via Open APP will be fully compatible with each Astell&Kern player now and with future app updates.


The new design of A&norma SR25 incorporates drastic changes without losing the balance between an optimal user experience, looks and keeping the A&norma design identity. The player features layers of various sized rectangular surfaces with added angles to invoke the sense of pulsating musical rhythm from its design. On the back, the bold oblique cut surface of the rear glass meets the triangular shapes that surround the volume wheel. The new SR25 is ideal for one-handed operation and is a perfect fit no matter which hand users choose to hold it in.


Accompanying the launch of the SR25 are matching leather cases which can be bought separately. Retailing at AUD$109/NZD$125, the cases are available in three distinct colours – Majestic Black, Parigina Red and Flauto Tan.

Standout product features include:

  • First Astell&Kern player to support LDAC Bluetooth Codec
  • First entry-level player to support native DSD256 & 32bit/384kHz Playback
  • Longest battery life of any Astell&Kern player, double that of other players – up to 21 hours of continuous playback
  • Moon Silver aluminium body
  • Most affordable product in the Astell&Kern line
  • New and improved 3.6" HD screen 
  • New firmware based on Android 9.0
  • Quad-core CPU


The A&norma SR25 retails for AUD$1,199/NZD$1,349 and is available from 4 May exclusively through BusiSoft AV and its authorised dealers; www.busisoft.com.au.



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