Bloom The Sweetest Love Interview

The Adele and Amy Winehouse Songbook Tour

Perth Singer/Songwriter, Amanda Canzurlo, who has long performed under the pseudonym of Bloom, is set to release her new single, titled The Sweetest Love.

The track - her first original release since 2015 EP self-titled Bloom and due for release on February 11 - shows a different side of Bloom. Where 'Bloom' explored stories of loss and despair, The Sweetest Love is an uplifting story of love.

Although not written by Bloom herself - sourcing the track from international songwriters Brian Sutherland in Nashville and Jody Stewart-Regner in Canada whom Bloom is currently writing her next EP with, Bloom instantly took a liking to it when she heard it.

"As soon as I heard this song, I loved it," Bloom says of the track. "I love that it is a positive love song and I thought it would be nice and fresh to release something different."

"Marriage Equality has been a big thing in our country lately so when they told me the song was actually inspired by the love between two women, the lyrics made a lot of sense to me. I believe love is love and we shouldn't discriminate with sex or race."

With a brand new EP due to be released later this year, just where that EP will take her musically is still unknown. "I am sure there will be some bluesy numbers and some heavy topics in there somewhere too," says Bloom.

Finding herself in a much better headspace now than where she was for the Bloom EP, Bloom says, "In 2015, I was writing about what I was going through in my life. I was grieving and got out of a long term relationship so they were the topics that poured out of me. I've worked through those and find myself in a different life phase now. I am in my 30's now so I see things different to how I did in my 20's and there are different life pressures or world issues that resonate with me, so I'll be writing about them."

Bloom has had heads turning and has been gaining acclaim with every performance she does having been described as "one of Australia's finest vocalist" and Six-Time Golden Guitar Award Winning singer/songwriter Melinda Schneider describing her as "the next generation of amazing vocalists!"

For much of 2016 and 2017, Bloom has been on the touring circuit performing the internationally acclaimed Songbook of two powerhouse vocalists - Adele and Amy Winehouse, playing to packed houses across the four corners of the Country.

"I love both artists and their music. At first it was a huge mental challenge for me, I wasn't sure I could pull it off. I never pretend to be like Amy or Adele, but I feel they both have strong sounds, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I could deliver to their fans."

Her soulful vocal resonance seems effortless, proving that Bloom is right up there with the best, vocally.

What is important in the Adele & Amy Songbook is that Bloom brings to the show her sense of personality and throws a couple of her own original tracks towards the end of the show so fans get a sense of who Bloom is.

"The night is about celebrating their music, but throughout the show people get to know me and my personality so then I feel they understand my music when I perform it to them."

Performing the Adele & Amy Songbook hasn't stopped Bloom from readying her own original material having continued to write. "The audiences always leave asking for more originals and they keep in touch online wanting to hear more, so that motivates me to keep writing."

In between the Songbook performances, Bloom has still been touring the country for her originals and has performed with some of Australia's iconic artists: John Paul Young, The Chantoozies, The Eurogliders, Peter Cupples and Brian Mannix. Bloom also performed the Australian National Anthem with the Qantas Choir to an international audience for the opening of the Commonwealth Bank Test Series.

In 2018, Bloom will continue to tour the country with her Adele & Amy Songbook. Visit for dates and ticketing details.

Adele & Amy Winehouse Songbook

Friday 9th March 2018 - Sutherland Entertainment Centre - SUTHERLAND, NSW, Australia
Saturday 17th March 2018 - Wendouree Performing Arts Centre - BALLARAT, VIC, Australia
Saturday 7th April 2018 - Laycock Theatre - GOSFORD, NSW, Australia
Saturday 28th April 2018 - The Wedge Performing Arts Centre - SALE, VIC, Australia
Thursday May 3 2018 - The Globe Theatre - Palmerston North, New Zealand
Friday May 4 2018 - The Cabana - Napier, New Zealand
Saturday May 5 2018 - Upper Hutt Cossie Club - Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Friday 25th May 2018 - Mandurah Performing Arts Centre - MANDURAH, WA, Australia
Saturday 26th May 2018 - Astor Theatre - PERTH, WA, Australia
Saturday June 16 2018 - The Best Of British Ball - Singapore
Friday 29th June 2018 - Geelong Performing Arts Centre - GEELONG, VIC, Australia
Saturday 30th June 2018 - Frankston Arts Centre - FRANKSTON, VIC, Australia
Friday 3rd August 2018 - Wagga Wagga Civic Centre - WAGGA WAGGA, NSW, Australia
Saturday 4th August 2018 - Griffith Regional Theatre - GRIFFITH, NSW, Australia
Saturday 25th August 2018 - Illawarra Performing Arts Centre - WOLLONGONG, NSW, Australia
Friday 7th September 2018 - Swan Hill Performing Arts Centre - SWAN HILL, VIC, Australia
Saturday 8th September 2018 - Mildura Arts Centre - MILDURA, VIC, Australia
Saturday 15th September 2018 - Castle Hill RSL - CASTLE HILL, NSW, Australia
Saturday 22nd September 2018 - Windsor RSL - WINDSOR, NSW, Australia
Saturday 20th October 2018 - Norths Leagues Club - CAMMERAY, NSW, Australia

Interview with Amanda Canzurlo (Bloom)

Question: How would you describe The Sweetest Love?

Amanda Canzurlo: Positive, light, fresh... like if Colbie Callait, John Mayer and Norah Jones had a baby - this would be it!

Question: What can you tell us about the Adele & Amy Winehouse Songbook tour?

Amanda Canzurlo: It's the most challenging, fun, intense project I have ever been a part of! We will be on tour nationally AND internationally this year (how exciting) from March – November.

Question: Which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Amanda Canzurlo: Adele favourite: Hometown Glory. I open the show with it, it is such a powerful song with so much movement vocally, and I really enjoy singing it and setting the mood for the show.

Amy Winehouse favourite: Tears Dry On Their Own. It's a fun one with a bit of sass, like me really!

But overall, I love singing my originals :) they are an extension of my own personal experiences and I love connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

Question: If you could have anyone, in the world, attend a show, who would it be?

Amanda Canzurlo: There are SO many but probably Amy Winehouse.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Amanda Canzurlo: I love BOTH! For different reasons... but I suppose when you perform live there is a lot of energy in the room and you can really get in the moment - those goosebumps moments... but in the studio, it can be a private time, just you in the booth, no makeup, usually no shoes and you can be selfish and have that moment all to yourself.

Question: What is the story behind the name, Bloom?

Amanda Canzurlo: Amanda wears so many hats; I just wanted to have a new name for this massive part of my life. The word Bloom felt right...

Question: What motivates you most when writing music?

Amanda Canzurlo: Stories, deep stories, heavy topics, love, loss, death and all the things I find hard to talk about...

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Amanda Canzurlo: Callum Scott, I love his latest song, You Are The Reason.

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Amanda Canzurlo: Tina Arena was the first concert I ever saw, I was already singing at that stage, but I remember being in the audience and saying to myself, I am going to do that one day!

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Amanda Canzurlo: Michael Hutchence, Eva Cassidy, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Donny Hathaway and so many more!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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