Brotha Asanti Morning After Vol. 1

Brotha Asanti Morning After Vol. 1

Founded in 2020 on the back of Melbourne lockdowns, Yo CiTY is the live music capital of the world's latest label and talent management company. Championing new music from Black, Indigenous and Artists of Colour, Yo CiTY exists in your city wherever you are in the world to platform the BIPOC experience within contemporary society through music and art. The label are thrilled to officially reveal their debut signing and release, courtesy of dance producer and multidisciplinary artist, Brotha Asanti with his sprawling two-track EP, ​​Morning After Vol. 1 out now.

Fierce storyteller and house music extraordinaire, Brotha Asanti is a Zimbabwean born with South African roots, Melbourne based musician, producer and DJ inspired by the underground dance scenes of New York and Chicago house. Influenced by the likes of Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer, Honey Dijon, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales and more, Brotha Asanti's debut EP Morning After Vol. 1 serves rich melodies, journeying beats and rhythmic storytelling straight from the motherland. The EP is a danceable sonic trip of deep introspection, traversing the spiritual realms of Brotha Asanti's own self-actualisation and extending this invitation to his listeners. 

"Create the music you want to hear" Brotha Asanti

"Yo CiTY has a firm commitment to storytelling that is fierce and we are a brand that puts the artist first. We are excited to introduce our first artist, Brotha Asanti; House Music Producer and DJ." – Dorcas Maphakela, Yo CiTY Co-Founder 

Opening track 'Beautiful Nightmare' is inspired by the volatile relationship between two lovers who are unable to reconcile their differences in spite of their attempts to make things work. As messed up as it is, they still love each other in their own unique way, which can be toxic at times. This track is about that honest moment where the lovers see their relationship for what it truly is, A Beautiful Nightmare. 'Time Is Now' featuring Yusupha Ngum is a dedication to one of Brotha Asanti's late close friends. The song is all about cherishing every moment as if it's your last, and a wonderful tribute to relationships past, present and future.

The EP follows on from last year's debut single 'Raised in the Savanna' which features the wonderful vocals and Kora playing of Amadou Suso. Showcasing a culmination of the textures of Asanti's African upbringing and his ongoing connection to the food, music, and people of his homeland, the single signposted an epic first taste of what was to soon follow on Morning After Vol. 1. Through his beats and sets, Brotha Asanti invites his audiences to journey with him and feel what he feels through music. As he puts it "no matter where you go music is always within you." So go ahead, dive in.