Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
This month puts the celebrity spotlight on Hollywood actress CAMERON DIAZ!


D.O.B.: 30/8/1972
Star Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus
Place of Birth: San Diego, California, USA

Height: 5'9"
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue

Occupation: Model/Actress

At the age of twenty-one and with only her modelling experience under her belt, Cameron Diaz landed a potentially skyrocketing role opposite comedian Jim Carrey in The Mask.

Her patience and discipline in her acting career demonstrates how Diaz had matured through her modelling career. Diaz was sixteen at the time when as fate would have it, she happened to be at the right place at the right a Hollywood party of all places. There she met a photographer who helped her secure a modelling contract with the Elite Modelling Agency where she left home and school to live in Japan. The next five years were spent touring the globe, travelling from continent to continent.

She had graced the covers of magazines Mademoiselle and Seventeen and appeared in ad's for Calvin Klein, Levi's and Coca Cola by the time she reached 21 years of age. But not content with the modelling industry any longer, Diaz set out in search of something more fulfilling and went down the well-travelled road of modelling to acting. And after only twelve auditions, Diaz landed a role in the hit movie The Mask in 1994, an amazing achievement for someone who had only been in the acting industry for a short period of time. The film received a lot of attention and many speculated what the blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty would attempt next. Her unusual beauty is the result of her Cuban-American and Anglo-German Native American parentage which helped to ensure that Diaz would not be soon forgotten.

Diaz then set her sights on working in independent films where she scored several roles. By 1996, she had several films under her belt, award recognition and a small following of fans.

Her next big role was starring alongside Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding followed by one of her biggest hits to-date, There's Something About Mary, one of the biggest grossing movies.

Film fans will be able to see Diaz in what is anticipated to be one of this year's highest selling films, Charlie's Angels which is based on the original action/comedy television series of the 70's. Undoubtedly, Diaz will continue to light up screens all over the globe.


2000 - Charlie's Angels
2000 - Invisible Circus
1999 - Any Given Sunday
1999 - Being John Malkovich
1998 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
1998 - There's Something About Mary
1998 - Very Bad Things
1997 - My Best Friend's Wedding
1997 - A Life Less Ordinary
1996 - Feeling Minnesota
1996 - Head Above Water
1996 - She's The One
1995 - The Last Supper
1994 - The Mask

- Annemarie Failla


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