Devon Baldwin Forgot To Miss You

Devon Baldwin Forgot To Miss You

Devon Baldwin has built her career creating music in the midst of crises. Her lung collapsed several times immediately following her songwriting debut, "Let's Get Lost," a collaboration with rapper G-Eazy while both attending school in New Orleans.

Unable to sing, Baldwin returned to her childhood home in the Bay Area to recover. This move forced her to focus solely on her songwriting. Holed up in her hometown, Baldwin infused the experience of growing up there into her work. She crafted songs rich in the images of the natural landscape "vast seascapes and winding foggy mountain roads through the lens of a love-stoned teen.

After her recovery, she released her debut EP, appropriately titled, Lungs, which accumulated several million streams and featured a collection of ethereal, sensuous pop songs with forward-thinking electronic production that highlighted Baldwin's innately emotive vocals and songwriting.

As she continued to build her career, Baldwin worked with high profile artists like G-Eazy, Blackbear, and Skizzy Mars, while also releasing two EPs titled Dead of Night and Underwater produced by frequent collaborators Christoph Andersson and Jono Dorr. After these releases, Baldwin found herself on tour when yet another life-changing crisis – the pandemic" forced her and the rest of the world to isolate and retreat inward.

Once again, Baldwin used this isolated time and space to write and record the bulk of her debut album. In 2020, she co-wrote and released a two-part single called 'Blindspot' with EDM artist Nurko and a single and music video for G-Eazy's "Angel Cry." Following these successes, she covered Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" with G-Eazy for his latest album, These Things Happen Too, all of which were major streaming successes.

Baldwin's music shares an underlying theme of loneliness that can be attributed to the crises that helped shape her career. Her songs take on a haunting ethereal quality that speak to the various forms that loneliness can take on: physical, emotional, and mental. The first single from her new album, "Forgot To Miss You," embodies the relatable struggle of being at peace with yourself after a breakup. "Forgot To Miss You" is about the in-between after a relationship ends, when the process of healing means realizing that wounds don't heal – you just accept them as time goes on." "Forgot to Miss You' comes just as Baldwin begins touring again in November, 2021.

The daughter of a music producer and creative writing teacher, Baldwin was destined to become a songwriter. But throughout her career, her determination to prevail despite setbacks and false starts also demonstrates that she is a force to be reckoned with.