Di Kennedy Signature Brush Set

Di Kennedy Signature Brush Set
While most makeup artist brands the world over seem content to stick with basic uniform black brushes, ultra girlie new boutique beauty brand Di Kennedy Studio Colour has introduced its newest set complete with signature pink handle.

"Make up is about colour, creative expression and fun, as well as a celebration of femininity. All of my bushes are specifically designed to create contemporary make up looks. Natural hair for powder brushes (shadow, blush) picks up just the right amount of product, and released it where you want, as much as you want. The brushes that are used for cremes and liquids (foundation, primer, lips and concealer) are designed using taklon, (nylon silk) which has a non-porous surface to the fibre (unlike the natural hairs which have a huge surface are to volume ratio - which is what makes then perfect for powder). This makes taklon brushes perfect for picking up and releasing cremes and liquids without "drinking" the product - like a sponge or natural-hair brush does. It also makes them perfect for constant washing, which is required.

I felt that it was necessary to make a personal set that was fun, and reflected my philosophy of professional quality that was ultra girlie. We spend enough time being conformist and serious.

A good set of brushes will last years with proper care, and make a huge difference to the looks you can achieve quickly. Applicators that come with some make up make it impossible to "get the look". Women are getting savvy to this. Just as an investment in accessories (shoes, bags etc) "lifts" your look, make up brushes of this quality give a woman a polished, "who is her stylist" appearance.

For those new to professional brush application, each brush handle is clearly labelled, and the set comes in a soft faux-leather pouch to keep them in top condition. The pink DKSC signature brush set fits neatly into this season's cute tote-style bags and will turn heads at touch-up time.

The DKSC signature brush set is available to purchase through selected stockists and online at www.dikennedycosmetics.com for $110 rrp.

Cool Tools for Savvy Girls"The Di Kennedy Signature Brush Collection is just one of the products in the Di Kennedy Studio Colour ultra girlie range for make up artists and make up junkies alike. The range has been designed by former award winning art director, painter and make-up artist Di Kennedy. The Di Kennedy Signature Pink Brush Collection is the ultimate set of make-up artist created brushes, designed to make making up a breeze. Designed to fit neatly into your handbag, desk drawer or proudly on your dresser, the series of 7 deluxe, natural beech handled brushes are all you need to create modern make up looks.Blush and Powder Brush - made of the softest of natural hair, this brush seeks out the apples of the cheeks and releases blush in just the right place.Eye Socket - Shaped to caress the upper eye crease, made from the softest hair imaginable, creating soft natural eyes you'll wonder how you ever lived without this essential.Eye Shader - A luxurious sable hair brush, the shadow embraces this brush, only to leap for the lid and brow bone when placed on the eye.Liner/Brow - Angled for ease of use, soft fibred for a soft release, you can create smokey eyes and softly angled brows.Concealer/Primer - Get into the under eye area, make those blemishes literally disappear with this efficient little wonder.Brow and Lash Comb - Tame those brows, create clump free lashes. Say no more.Taklon Lip - Create luscious lips with this perfectly shaded lip brush. Load this little rocket up, pop on the lid and voila, a portable perfect pout."Di Kennedy Studio Colour is available exclusively through selected Make Up Artists , Beauty Salons and online at www.dkstudio .com.au. T. (02) 9949 9001 E. kennedys@pacific.net.auFor Di Kennedy Studio Colour enquiries, please contact: Di Kennedy