Eyebrow Styling & Trends: Latest Styles, Top Techniques

Eyebrow Styling & Trends: Latest Styles, Top Techniques

Eyebrows have always played a key role in framing your eyes, but in recent years, they've taken centre stage in the makeup and beauty world. With the rise of new eyebrow makeup trends and innovative eyebrow styling techniques, there's never been a more exciting time to experiment and find the perfect look that enhances your features and suits your style.


The Power of Well-Defined Lashes and Brows

A well-defined lash and brow can elevate your entire makeup look. Whether you're going for bold brows or a natural appearance, the right products and techniques can make all the difference.


Dive into the world of eyebrow styling with Napoleon Perdis eyebrow gels and techniques and discover the transformative power of the perfect arch.


Natural Elegance: Embracing Minimalism with Natural-Looking Brows

You might've noticed that in the past few years, the beauty and makeup world witnessed a shift towards wholeheartedly embracing your own natural beauty and aiming for that effortlessly fresh-faced appearance, letting your true self shine and rocking that au naturel vibe. The era of heavy makeup and over-defined brows gave way to a more minimalist approach. This new eyebrow trend takes a low-maintenance route, highlighting your inherent beauty in all its glory.


Brow experts, echoing this sentiment, employ a fine, sharpened brow pencil to craft thin, feathery strokes, filling in the gaps of the brows. This technique accentuates the natural shape and adds a touch of elegance, making it one of the most sought-after eyebrow styles in 2023.


Bold & Bushy Brows: Playing with Dramatic Depth

Amid the prevailing wave of embracing natural beauty and more understated brows, a captivating trend has secured its spotlight – bold brows. Bold brows have taken place, making a striking statement in the beauty realm. This eyebrow look involves letting your brows grow, adopting a thicker look and then enhancing them with some shaping and eyebrow makeup techniques.



Drawing inspiration from the runways of London Fashion Week, the brushed-up brows take centre stage as a hallmark of this trend, adding a touch of drama and flair. Their natural fullness adds character to the face, making them a favourite among those looking to make a statement without saying a word. As we move through the eyebrow styles of 2023, it's evident that bushy brows are not just a trend but a celebration of natural beauty and individuality.


Moreover, bushy brows are more than just a fad; they represent a beauty revolution. These voluminous and textured brows are reminiscent of the carefree spirit of youth. Their natural fullness adds character to the face, making them a favourite among those looking to make a statement without saying a word. As we move through the eyebrow styles of 2023, it's evident that bushy brows are not just a trend but a celebration of natural beauty and individuality.


Texture Matters: Feathered and Textured Brow Techniques

The 2023 beauty trends are all about texture, especially regarding eyebrows. Gone are the days of one-dimensional, overly polished brows. Today, it's all about creating a rich, in-depth look and dimension. Feathered brows, with their soft, wispy hair strokes, emulate a natural growth pattern, giving a more organic appearance.



On the other hand, textured brows, achieved through strategic brushing and setting, add character and drama to the face. With the right tools, such as fine-tipped pencils and setting gels, this multi-dimensional look is within reach for everyone, allowing you to make a statement that's uniquely yours.


Crafting the Perfect Feathered and Textured Brows: Step-by-Step Guide


When aiming for the trendy feathered and textured brows using eyebrow gel, follow these steps to achieve a natural yet captivating look:


  1. Start with Clean Brows: Make sure your brows are clean and free from makeup or oils before starting. This helps the eyebrow gel adhere properly and prevents clumping.
  2. Brush Brows Upward: Use a clean spoolie brush to brush your brow hairs upward. This exposes the natural shape of your brows and creates a foundation for the textured look.
  3. Apply Eyebrow Gel: After selecting an eyebrow gel shade that matches your natural brow colour, with a light hand, apply the eyebrow gel in short, upward strokes following the direction of hair growth. Focus on sparse areas and areas where you want to create more volume.
  4. Feathering Technique: For the feathered effect, use a clean spoolie brush or a fine-tipped brush to gently brush through the brow hairs in the direction of growth. This technique softens the gel application, creating a feathery appearance.
  5. Texturising: To add texture, use the same spoolie or brush to lightly tap or press the brow hairs in different directions. This creates a natural-looking texture and adds depth to your brows.
  6. Set in Place: Once satisfied with the feathered and textured effect, use a clear or tinted brow gel to set the hairs in place. This step ensures longevity and keeps the hair looking well-defined throughout the day.
  7. Blend for a Seamless Look: To make the brow gel look even more natural, blend the gel into your brow skin using a clean spoolie brush. This helps to soften any harsh lines and gives a seamless finish.
  8. Finishing Touches: If desired, you can define the brow shape using a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil or a brow powder. This adds extra definition and structure to the brows.

Colorful Expressions: Tinting and Coloured Brows

While natural-looking brows certainly have their well-deserved place in the intricate world of eyebrow styling, it's worth noting that eyebrow trends cater to a wide array of personal styles.


The coloured brow trend once dominated the mid-2010s is experiencing a vibrant revival. This time, it's driven by the fearless Gen Z, who aren't afraid to experiment and express themselves.

Celebrities like Lizzo and Cara Delevingne lead the charge, showcasing brows in hues ranging from electric blue to deep purple. Whether it's a subtle tint or a bold transformation, coloured brows are a testament to individuality and the ever-evolving nature of beauty.



Crafting Vibrant Brows: A Guide to Achieving the Coloured Brow Look

If you're intrigued by this trend and looking to try it out, here's a step-by-step guide to achieving vibrant-coloured brows:


  1. Preparation: Start with clean brows, ensuring they are free from makeup or oils. This provides a clean canvas for the colour application.
  2. Base Application: Apply a clear or tinted eyebrow gel to your brows. This acts as a primer, ensuring the colour adheres well and lasts longer.
  3. Choose Your Hue: Decide on the eyeshadow shade you want for your brows. Remember, it doesn't always have to match your hair colour; it's all about personal expression!
  4. Colour Application: Using a fine brush, gently apply the chosen eyeshadow shade over the gel. Ensure you cover all brow hairs for an even look.
  5. Blend and Set: Blend the eyeshadow well into the brows to ensure no harsh lines. You can set the colour with a clear brow gel for added longevity.
  6. Experiment and Play: The beauty of this trend is its versatility. Feel free to mix and match shades or add a hint of glitter for that extra pop!


With these steps, you can confidently rock the coloured brow trend, making a statement that's uniquely yours.


Soap Brows & Brow Lamination: The Latest in Brow Styling

As more individuals seek solutions that offer style and convenience, brow lamination has emerged as a game-changer. This innovative technique, reminiscent of a perm for your brows, transforms even the most unruly hairs into a perfectly sculpted arch. The result? A sleek, shiny finish that mimics the look of full, dense brows without the need for daily styling.


While brow lamination offers a semi-permanent solution, the beauty community is no stranger to DIY hacks that deliver the same result. Enter soap brows, a trend that has taken a chord with beauty enthusiasts worldwide.


Soap Brows

The process is deceptively simple: load a spoolie brush with a brow styling soap, and comb through your brows to achieve laminated eyebrows in mere minutes. Apply the product in thin layers, brushing brow hairs upwards and outwards until you reach your desired result. This affordable and accessible method offers a fluffy, whole appearance, making it a favourite among those keen to experiment with their look.


Brow Lamination Gel

For those who've fallen in love with the laminated look but seek a solution that bridges the gap between soap brows and professional lamination, brow gel is the answer. These eyebrow gels offer the hold and sheen, ensuring that brows remain impeccably styled throughout the day. Its formula is designed to mimic the effects of traditional lamination, providing a sleek finish that lasts.


Whether you're facing a long day at work or a night out on the town, brow lamination gel ensures that your brows remain on point, no touch-ups required.


Embrace Your Unique Lash and Brow Journey

The world of lashes and brows is as diverse as the individuals who navigate it. Each person's journey is a tapestry of experiences, choices, and styles. Some may venture closer towards bold, dramatic brows, while others may opt for a subtle, natural arch.


Regardless of the path chosen, the confidence and authenticity with which one wears their look truly matters. Embracing one's unique beauty, unapologetically and with pride, is the essence of true style.


So, whether you're experimenting with the latest eyebrow trends or finding solace in timeless classics, remember to wear your look confidently, celebrating every twist and turn of your unique lash and brow journey.


Embark on an exciting journey through eyebrow makeup, styling and trends. With many products and techniques at your fingertips, dive into the universe of brows and lashes, and let your inner beauty radiate for the world to see.



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