Ellen's Acres Movie Night

Ellen's Acres Movie Night

Ellen's Acres Movie Night

Genre: Kids, Animation
Rated: G

Ellen's Acres is an adventure comedy about Ellen, a 5-year-old girl who lives at the Emerald Acres Hotel which her parents own. With not too many kids her age at the hotel Ellen's companions are her parents, the folks that work at the hotel and the guests. As there is not a lot for Ellen to do it's lucky she has got a totally enormous imagination.

Ellen's imagination keeps young viewers engaged! Her exciting fantasy world is constantly changing just like the real life experience of a young child.

In Movie Night, everyone at Emerald Acres is trying to get ready for their annual movie night, and everyone needs Ellen's help doing it!

These eight fun packed adventures are included:
Movie Night
Extreme X-Ray
Ant Antics
Salad Days
Paving the Driveway
Poster Perfect
Special Delivery

Ellen's Acres: Movie Night
RRP: $14.95


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