Lazytown Playday

Lazytown Playday

Lazytown Playday

BAFTA award winning LAZY TOWN returns with everybody's favourite super-hero, Sportacus, and Super side-kick pink-haired Stephanie. Play Day features four fun-filled and action-packed episodes: Play day, Secret Agent Zero, Prince Stingy and Robbie's Greatest Misses.

PLAY DAY The LazyTown kids are spending the day playing fun games like cowboy and jungle animals. Robbie arrives in gorilla costume, trying to break up their fun. But he gets into serious trouble and Sportacus must arrive to save him.

SECRET AGENT ZERO Robbie Rotten tricks the LazyTowners into believing that he has won the town election for Mayor. Stephanie and the kids figure out that he cheated, and Mayor Meanswell becomes a secret agent. With the help of Sportacus, he finds out how Robbie cheated, and regains the office of Mayor.PRINCE STINGY Robbie makes Stingy believe he's the Prince of LazyTown.

Stingy loves being Prince, and doesn't notice when Robbie locks him in a castle.

Meanwhile, Robbie tells LazyTowners they can't be active anymore, saying it's an order from Prince Stingy. Stingy realises he's been fooled, and must be rescued by friends.

ROBBIE'S GREATEST MISSES Robbie Rotten can't figure out why his plots against Sportacus have never worked . and then he devises the ultimate plan . to use all of his evil inventions against Sportacus at the same time.

Lazytown Playday
Rated: G
Running Time: 99 mins
RRP: $19.95


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