Ethical Zinc

Ethical Zinc

Ethical Zinc's range of certified natural zinc products protect against harmful UV rays, allowing Aussies to finally farewell nasty chemical-based sunscreens. Australian made and owned Ethical Zinc has developed an innovative range of SPF50+ clear zinc-based sunscreens, giving consumers a certified natural, mineral alternative to mainstream chemical-led SPFs.

The brand, born in 2019 challenges the notion of traditional sunscreen as we know it by delivering a safe product for everyday use. Its ethically-conscious formulas are certified Cruelty Free, reef and ocean safe, made in Australia using 100% solar power and free from the many chemicals found in typical sunscreens.

Not only can Australians be confident they're using a product that doesn't cause harm to people or planet, through patented processes and new technology, Ethical Zinc delivers natural zinc products that offer market-leading SPF50+ protection and dries clear on the skin - a welcomed advancement in the SPF space as zinc use has been limited to date due to its often thick and white appearance.

Ethical Zinc works differently to its chemical-based counterparts: as the natural, mineral ingredients provide a physical protective barrier to reflect UV radiation, where the chemical based sunscreens bind and react with cells deep in the skin, which each start to break down and lose effectiveness over time - some in as little as 30 minutes of sunlight.

More worryingly, chemical ingredients used in most sunscreens have been found to absorb into the body and can be measured in blood after just a single use and can remain for weeks thereafter, with regulators questioning their safety in new studies currently underway. Thankfully, Ethical Zinc products forego these chemical ingredients with the use of natural mineral zinc oxide for UV protection meaning you can use sunscreen safely every day, without these concerns.

The range also offers low-irritant, non-comedogenic formulas, meaning its simple and clean blueprint helps to avoid breakouts and skin reactions which can be caused by most other sunscreens.

Ethical Zinc's product catalogue is formulated with certified natural ingredients and suited to all skin types, and the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Details include:

SPF50+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen (RRP: $19.99) This certified natural zinc sunscreen was created with the great outdoors in mind: providing four hours of water resistance to ensure you're well protected for a day at play. Ethical Zinc's SPF50+ Natural Clear Zinc Sunscreen is the perfect choice for sensitive skin thanks to its all natural and preservative-free formulation. Available via Coles, and independent retailers.

SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen (RRP: $19.99) This easy to apply certified natural zinc sunscreen is designed for everyday use and is the perfect base before makeup application to protect against sun damage caused by even the most unsuspecting of circumstances, such a day at your desk by the window. Ethical Zinc's SPF50+ Daily Wear Light Sunscreen is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it's simple and clean formula won't clog or block your pores or cause an excess build up of oil, helping to avoid breakouts. Available via and independent retailers.