Fashion Tips That Draw Attention

Fashion Tips That Draw Attention

Fashion Tips That Draw Attention

Fashion plays an important role in our society as it is both practical and a way to express ourselves. If we look past the stereotypes, fashion is much more than following trends. It can become a part of us. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the affirmation we receive from other people can boost our self-esteem and help us gain more confidence.

Our style can become the unwritten signature that lets a person know something about us without saying a word. The purpose of developing your style is to make you feel unique and, at the same time to catch the eye of your peers. With this in mind, here are some tips that can help you build a style that will draw the attention of everyone around you.

Know Your Body Shape
Fashion is a lot trickier than we think. It is not only about matching your shoes with your purse or knowing what colors go together. Fashion as a form of art and self-expression means knowing the canvas you will be working with and, in this case, it is your body. Triangle, inverted triangle, pear, rectangle, or hourglass, you can find your body type by simply looking in the mirror and measuring your proportions. Multiple tutorials on the internet will guide you in discovering what your body shape is and which type of clothes will help enhance your features.

Personalized Clothes
When shops fail to satisfy your preferences, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Of course, it would take a lot of time if you decide you want your whole wardrobe to be tailored. However, on a smaller scale, a personalized piece of clothing will make an outfit for a special occasion more original and help you stand out in a crowd. Personalizing clothes is not as complicated as it sounds. Nowadays, various websites offer a large variety of custom shirt options, where you can upload a design on any type of clothing.

Accessories, Accessories, and More Accessories
Accessories to an outfit are like sprinkles on a cupcake. They are the greatest and easiest fashion hack there is. Take a plain button-down, a pair of jeans and some practical shoes, a simple and comfortable outfit, nothing special until you decorate it. An accessory that never fails to add structure to an outfit is a belt because it adds stability, but it also defines your waist. Jewelry, especially gold jewelry, brings shine and elegance to the simplest outfits.

Play with Textures and Colors
Cotton, wool, satin, different cuts, and textures can uplift your style. Different fabrics work for different occasions. Satin, for example, is perfect for a formal event but unfitting for a baseball game. A great tip would be to first find your color palette and then build your closet around it by acquiring clothing in the same color but with different textures and fabrics. A beginner's guide to types of fabrics would also be helpful. A monochrome outfit with a splash of color will always do the trick of drawing people's attention. You can take it as a dress-up game and enjoy discovering new combinations with what you already have in your closet.

Bonus Tip
Keep your head up and your back straight. Nothing draws people's attention more than someone with great posture who walks with confidence and gives off positive energy. So next time when you walk on the street, straighten your back, look in front of you, and with time your body will get used to this new posture.


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