Grace Farriss Self-Titled Album

Grace Farriss Self-Titled Album

Grace Elizabeth Farriss is a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist.

Grace's musical journey began when she was young. Knowing her love for music and writing very early on in life.

Her poetry and feel for songwriting as well as her melodic compositions and arrangements would lead her to create her self titled debut album 'Grace'.

The First single from her self titled debut album Grace's single "All The People" has been heard and influenced world wide as well as recently gaining world wide success through Grace's songwriting and music. Featuring in leading publications such as The Guardian, NME, Music Feeds, ToneDeaf, Australia's ABC Radio National and many more. Grace's single is a combination of pop, rock, funk and disco. Which as Grace describes herself as "An explosion of my heart and I feel in many ways at this time, the worlds heart. I have always had such a deep fascination with how all of the cultures united come to be and how we all interact with one another and interconnect through our wonderful cultural differences. I do find it so incredibly fascinating. What I feel other cultures teach you is that we are all one and the same. Which I feel music and the arts certainly accomplish to bring this awareness to us all so intimately and so beautifully, internally and in celebration with one another. This is what inspired the song "All The People". I worked on it consistently for a year until I was happy with it before going into the studio. The song itself came to me very quickly as well as the arrangement and the direction I felt the song wanted to go in."

Grace's self titled debut album 'Grace' is comprised of classical, folk, hymns, indigenous, alternative, jazz, pop, funk, disco and rock. "Many aspects of my life have inspired me to write my album. I spent many, many years with some of the songs from my album in a book somewhere and I would then play them occasionally whilst writing new music or when my emotional capabilities called for it. I spent many years creating my sound. Each song is so different in their meaning and feeling. Each song has so much impact to me and I have poured all that I have into every song. Both in my songwriting, lyrically and in production. Creating my album 'Grace' is one of the proudest moments in my life and I hope that everyone that listens to 'Grace' loves it as much as I loved to write it."

The Album cover and the artwork for Grace's self titled album 'Grace' is a very bold reimagining of Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" masterpiece. By the extraordinary Australian oil painter Vicki Sullivan who has exhibited her paintings worldwide. Painting in her Melbourne based art studio. Vicki illustrated and then went on to spend a full year painting the masterpiece. Titled "The birth of Venus".

Both Grace and Vicki conceptualised the artwork that the Album called for in Grace's imagination. Grace stood in for live sessions to capture the painting which would then allow for Vicki to paint throughout the year. Grace's artwork for her album 'Grace' has now been exhibited in galleries all over the world.

Further more several artists alongside of Grace's own artworks will feature on each of her songs and for their individual artworks. Grace's good friends and artists that she admires greatly whom will feature on her album 'Grace' are Billy Clare Reitzenstein (Jewellery Designer and Visual Artist) for Grace's song "All The People" and "Interstellar Love", Emma Ferrer (Visual Artist and also the Granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn) for Grace's song "You Fade Away", Bronte Hock (Visual Artist) for my song Studio 54, Patricia Casey (Visual Artist) for Grace's song "I Love You" which has been exhibited in the prestigious Saachi Gallery in London England, Christopher Osborne (Visual Artist) for Grace's song "Water Under A Bridge", The Rutongo Arts Women of Rwanda Africa (Visual Artist) for Grace's song "Dancing How I Feel", Grace Farriss (Visual Artist) for Grace's song "Women Of The World" and Grace Farriss (Visual Artist) for Grace's song "Opieland".

Grace describes the album as "Classical, explosive, explorative and modern. Every song has its own world to live in and dream to, and to dream is especially important. I feel that at times some songs feel like they really want to be heard and some are just for me. The songs that come to me quickly, I feel at times I have the responsibility to bring them to the physical world." Among Grace's collection of poems, songs and compositions. She chose carefully the 10 songs that were closest to her that felt right and appropriate to put on her self titled debut album 'Grace'.

"Musically speaking I was inspired to push outside of my comfort zone with different sounds and feels from different periods of time including the future. It is always so interesting to me that even when I am creating something to do with the past or the future I completely lose track of all time until I come out of that creative place I am in, this is why art is so very amazing because I personally lose track of all time whilst I am in the flow of creating something from my heart. I experimented a lot with sound before figuring out what each song needed to be accompanied by in terms of arrangement and sound. The Inspiration for the album came from a collection of memories and often times dreams I had years before or that I write In the moment that I then pair with a concept or melody that comes to me out of nowhere. This often happens for me. I am inspired by many different artists, art forms, cultures, experiences and musicians as well as art throughout time."

Writing, singing and composing and then recording the album in Los Angeles alongside Aria Award nominated producer Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Montaigne, Tim Finn) and Aria Award winner Leon Zervos, Mastering the entire album.

The record features performances by The Section Quartet, Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley's, Grace) on drums, Joey Waronker (Beck) on drums, Benji Lysaght (Adele, Father John Misty) on guitar, Ralph Carney on Saxophone (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and the B-52's) John Kirby (Solange) on keys, Abe Rounds (Andrew Bird, Meshell Ndegeocello, Birds of Prey Score) on drums, and Todd M.Simon (Angel City All-Star Brass Band) on Horns.

Grace's writings, songs, poetry and stories will be published this year in over 40,000 book stores world wide. Including Barnes & Noble, Bootopia, Apple Books, Kobo, Amazon and at your local bookstore. Grace's book "Poems Sayings Stories" will be available as an ebook, paperback and as a hardcover book designed by Grace Farriss herself.

Grace will be launching her environmental organisation "The Grace Earth Organisation" in 2021. Which will include leading people in the field world wide. Including some of the worlds leading scientists, activists and lovers of the natural world whom have joined to be a part of her organisation as a part of her movement towards building the knowledge to our connection and immersion among natures incredible intrigue and wisdom.

Serving as the Global Ambassador for "The Jane Goodall Institute" and "The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society". Grace continues to hold the light in working alongside these historically uplifting movements.

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