Grenade Jumper The Power You Flaunted

Grenade Jumper The Power You Flaunted

Sydney alt-rockers Grenade Jumper make their raucous return with the fervent new single 'The Power You Flaunted', taken from their upcoming two-track What's Left When It All Falls Down.

Brash and authentic, 'The Power You Flaunted' follows the release of Grenade Jumper's blistering single 'Heat Wave' that dropped in March. It sees the quartet growing into their sound, developing a more nuanced, darker edge to their songwriting, yet still thumping with a raw, punk spirit. Across four minutes, vocalist Bianca Davino conducts the musical chaos, her lively delivery creating an equal sense of intimidation and vulnerability.

On the stark lyrical content, the band shared, "This song focuses on generational distrust, propelled by losing faith in the leaders " both political and within the arts world " who failed to take care of us like they promised. It's about tearing away the facade that they exist behind, and outing them from their positions of power."

"I've been wanting to write a song like this ever since I heard the lyric, "all of our heroes fading, now I can't stand to be alone" in the Lorde song 'Perfect Places'. That song was released just as the MeToo movement began to pick up steam and it felt so relevant because I think it was the first time as a generation, especially in the music world, we started to see our heroes crumble and experience that betrayal.

"The Power Your Flaunted culminates that sense of hurt and frustration, and was written in a flurry of reflection on the movement, as well as the general state of the world in early 2020. We're very proud of this track, because more than anything, it showcases how we've developed artistically and as musicians over the last year. We wanted to make a loud statement with it, and I believe we achieved that."