Hating Alison Ashley DVD

Hating Alison Ashley DVD

Starring: Saskia Burmeister, Delta Goodrem, Jean Kitson, Craig McLachlan, Alex Capelli, Richard Carter, Tracey Mann, Rachael Carpani, Anthony Cleave
Director: Geoff Bennett
Rated: PG
Duration: 102 mins
Genre: Teen Comedy

School girl rivalries, embarrassing families, puppy fat, bad hair days, confusing crushes and your first kiss...life is fraught with dilemmas at fourteen!

Now all the comedy, poignancy and awkwardness of teenage angst, can be seen in the comfort of your own home ond Hating Alison Ashley DVD.

Based on the iconic Australian teenage school-girl novel, Hating Alison Ashley showcases some of Australia's hottest young talent. Rising new star Saskia Burmeister, heart-throb Alex Capelli and Australia's sweetheart Delta Goodrem are joined by the much loved Craig McLachlan and Jean Kitson in bringing this quirky comedy to life.

With the final scenes of the film boasting fun, frivolity and vibrant costumes, Hating Alison Ashley leaves its audiences giggling and smiling, making it 2005's must-have DVD for teens and 'tweens'.

Hating Alison Ashley is a delightful film that will touch those who have lived through the madness of their own teenage years, as well as those young enough to find this good natured coming of age story a reassuring reminder that they are not the only teenager whose life sux!

The Castle meets Clueless in this charming Aussie coming of age tale. A guide for modern day life as a teenage girl, Hating Alison Ashley is an endearing story of love, friendship and the insecurity of high school life. Set in the fictional Barringa High, Hating Alison Ashley is the story of Erica Yurkin (Saskia Burmeister), more commonly known as Yuk, and her unlikely friendship with the irritatingly perfect Alison Ashley (Delta Goodrem).

The comic plight of the film's heroine, Erica, sets the back drop for the antics of the film. Like many a fourteen year old girl, Erica believes she is destined for greatness. However, her ambition to have her star quality discovered is devastatingly dashed by a new arrival at the school who threatens to upstage her plans for fame and success - Alison Ashley.

Combined with a younger sister who thinks she's a horse, an older sister who's got a "black belt in being a bitch" and an airy-fairy mother who is dating a truck driver with no teeth - in short, a family so mortifying Erica swears she must have been adopted -things couldn't get much worse for poor Yuk...that is, until school camp, which is when the fun really begins!

A spectacularly quirky school play and some brilliant comic moments delivered by teachers Miss Belson (Jean Kitson) and Mr Kennard (Craig McLachlan), are sure to keep audiences laughing until the very end. Endearing, charming, and poignantly real, teenage girls will love this story that is ultimately about the universal themes of growing up, discovering who you are and finding great friends.

Special Features:
Video Clip of the Single - Green Eyed World
Behind the Scenes with Delta and Saskia
Making of
Photo gallery
Audio Commentary
Dolby Digital
Web address page
5 minute red carpet piece from Melbourne theatrical premiere