Tips to make Home feel like a Hotel

Tips to make Home feel like a Hotel
StayWell Holdings, which is one of the largest hotel management groups in Asia Pacific, have put together a list of fun and creative ways in which we can replicate staying in a hotel room in our very own home. Perfectly encapsulating the feeling of escaping reality, this list of tips and tricks is bound to become a go-to…
1. Declutter. Hotel rooms often feel luxurious because of the sense of space. You can even move a few things around or change the orientation of the room so you feel like you're sleeping somewhere new. 
2. Make your bed! Make your bed properly every day, including tucking the sheets in at the corners and folding down the top sheet beneath the pillow line. Sliding into a properly made bed at the end of the day is a luxury in itself. You can even create your own turndown service (or if you live with a willing partner, bribe them to do it for you!) a couple of hours before bed by turning on the bedside lights, turning down the quilt and you could even leave a little chocolate on your own pillow if you're feeling indulgent! 
3. Speaking of beds, invest in your bedding. If you can, buy some high thread count sheets, and add a mattress topper to your bed. A quality mattress topper is often the secret to how amazing many luxury hotel beds feel. 
4. Still on the bed - change up your pillows. There's no need to go overboard with the decorative cushions, but you can create your own pillow menu. Try out different types of pillows in your own room, and a lot of people do find that they use different pillows throughout a given week for various reasons. 
5. Create space for mindfulness. Even if a hotel room is small, you'll often find an armchair or a small desk in a corner so that there is a space separate to the bed where you can take time to relax, read a book, or even get some work done. 
6. Invest in blackout curtains. One of the best things about hotels is the great sleep they offer - and often that's due to how dark you can make a room. If you can get hold of a blackout blind or blackout drapes, adding this touch to your bedroom can have an immediate impact. And if you need a proper snooze in the middle of the day, you'll likely be able to get it!
7. Temperature control. Studies show that the best temperature for a good sleep is around 21 degrees C / 60F so adjusting the temperature in your room via air conditioning or a fan can make a big difference when trying to get a good sleep. 
8. Think about your lighting. Hotel rooms are often lit in various spaces by various styles of lighting - but it's rarely harsh. (Hint: you can always use a transparent paint or lighting gel over a light fitting to alter the mood of a room.) 
9. Put an alarm clock by the bed. We all know that mobile phones by the bed can interfere with our sleep, so go old school and bring back an alarm clock - just like you'll find by the bed in most hotels. Not only will you avoid the temptation of looking at your phone before you drift off, you'll still be able to get a wake up alert and be able to tell the time no matter what time you stir. 
10. Eat in your room. To really feel like you're having a night away, recreate the decadence of room service by ordering from a meal delivery service and eating a fabulous dinner - and having a glass of wine - in your newly rebooted bedroom. Plating it up on a tray will make for easy removal too when you whisk it back to the kitchen, not to think about again until morning.