Sagittarius's Horoscopes |



Born between: Nov 22nd - Dec 21st

Often bitten by the travel bug those born under the Sagittarius sign are independent and always have a optimistic stance on life. However they need to be patient to not expect miracles while chasing their next positive outcome.

Togetherness is the key to your happiness, both at home and at work. But you should be feeling upbeat now, maybe even too much so. Expansive influences boost you up very happily. But if you are normally a touch arrogant then they could send you off thinking that you are Superman or Superwoman. Appropriate colors are nutmeg and teal. Lucky numbers are 23 and 19.
Group energy is favoured today, Sagittarius. Even though you are an individualist, you can expect lots of support and might just pick up some helpful hints. And you do need to get as many good suggestions as you can to be able to plan for the month ahead. You'll feel more settled if you have a game plan; loved ones will pitch in if you ask them nicely. Balancing colors are red carnation and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 39 and 14.
Are you planning in secret how to get your own way? You will not be inclined to forgive and forget if anyone lets you down at the moment, whether financially or emotionally. On the social scene you seem rather sentimental, or too sugary sweet on the surface. Be more honest about your real feelings, which is more your style. Propitious colors are amber and laurel. Lucky numbers are 14 and 33.
Your intuition is working well, so trust your instincts. Just don't try to make cash decisions or add up the budget, since your concentration will wander. This is a passive not an active time. Try not to overspend on luxury items, or run up a big tab at the bookmaker. That's just compensating for what you feel you lack elsewhere, but, ooh, they do make you feel good. Why not make some serious travel plans? A getaway would be good. Beneficial colors are apricot and mauve. Lucky numbers are 9 and 8.
It's a great day for a romantic attraction, or maybe just fun with the gang. However, conflicts and disagreements can be surprisingly useful, as they bring hidden tensions out into the open so you can clear them out of the way. Don't be too uncompromising, or uncooperative at home or with loved ones, though you do hate being tied down. Be reasonable, not too extreme. Take no outrageous steps! Adventurous colors are strawberry and squash. Lucky numbers are 5 and 12.
It's a very mental day, bringing the urge to communicate on a much broader scale. Messages from abroad or from a distance away may be important for your future. Loftier subjects, whether philosophy, education or politics, occupy your mind. It's a fine time for personal enlightenment and development, whether through yoga, psychological understanding, even astrology. Familiar things have to take a back seat. Advantageous colors are claret ash and white satin. Lucky numbers are 7 and 13.
Channel your energy into narrow, specific tasks. Focus your concentration and motivation in a self-disciplined way, then you can sort out those tings that need detailed attention. But be careful as you go, since you might just trip over your feet or be slightly accident- prone. Joint finances may be tighter now, or your partner's cash situation is such that they cannot be as generous as they once were. Auspicious colors are american oak and dark basalt. Lucky numbers are 18 and 43.
Mercury heading into Gemini brings a sense of confidence and optimism now, Archers. You are feeling good about yourself and about what you are saying to other people. Look ahead, there's a rosy glow on the horizon. Anything you turn your hand to should work well, though the more effort you put in the higher your rewards will be. Stay out of the law courts if you can. Ideal colors are carmine and citrine. Lucky numbers are 11 and 8.
Passions could rage within you and no one else would ever know. This is a time when you receive insight that make you think about the deeper mysteries of life - what life is actually all about and how you can transform it. Find some time for yourself to understand what is going on and how you can make sense of it, then you can scamper back to normality again. Favorable colors are pale pink and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 39.
Jupiter is active, so this is a time of successful and positive activity, Sagittarius. Communication is boosted, but if you are too impulsive, cut corners, or don't pay enough attention to detail, your train might be derailed. Since your enthusiasm is infectious, everyone will be pulling together. Your need to be in charge could lead to disagreements with someone special, but all should turn out well. Ideal colors are cinnamon and dark yellow. Lucky numbers are 7 and 23.
Mercury, planet of communication, is approaching a positive and pleasant aspect to fortunate Jupiter, your life-ruler. Fun and a little bit of excitement takes the form of good news, especially from abroad, or generates intellectual stimulation. Avoid dreary types. Auspicious colors are jade and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
With the New Moon, a solar eclipse in Gemini, there's no doubt that you need someone to make you feel whole before you feel secure in whatever you're doing at play or at work. The movement of the Sun into your seventh house especially at an eclipse focuses your mind all month on the needs of your significant others. Make a decision to be less self-sufficient and more adaptable; that's if you want your partner to be on your wavelength! Give before you get; it will be worth it. Positive colors are royal blue and bright gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
If you find yourself more sensitive to the needs of others at this time you will be able to help them. Work in a one-to-one partnership, rather than on your own or with a team. Jupiter is bringing you luck and you should see some of your ambitions coming to fruition. You desire social status so you'll be more conventional than usual, but watch a tendency to be too fussy and finicky. Dynamic colors are terracotta and dark red. Lucky numbers are 5 and 64.
Don't let other people demand too much of you, but if you are putting out it's obviously a good idea to look after your body. See what you need to do to give it a bit of a boost. Everyday relationships with friends, neighbors, siblings and workmates will not be straightforward. You mean to be kind, but somehow crossed lines and lost messages reveal you're not making yourself clear. Appropriate colors are daffodil yellow and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 14 and 29.
This is a lively, stimulating time, especially if you want to walk on the wild side. You know you need to shift certain elements of your emotional or domestic life to make way for more fulfilment in future. If a long running relationship seems to be falling apart, it doesn't mean it will disappear forever. There will come a time when you can re-establish it on a more mature footing. Beneficial colors are jet black and snow white. Lucky numbers are 4 and 35.
You notice differences and distinctions that others usually regard as much too trivial to bother about. But it does mean you spot what they overlook and that can be very useful. Try not to be too possessive. Even if you do feel like clinging a little more than usual, it would not be wise. Find your entertainment and enjoyment without pinning your companions down, or they may want to fly the coop. Fortunate colors are sable and ultramarine. Lucky numbers are 16 and 51.
As Venus turns retrograde into your seventh house, partnerships are heavily emphasized. Your closest relationships come under strain, but don't make decisions or judgments regarding them. This is a time for patience and understanding, as others may be going through difficult challenges too. Once Venus turns direct again, you'll have plenty of time to rekindle loving relationships and improve your bonds. It's time to resolve old disagreements. Legal matters, contract negotiations, public relations and so on come to the fore and need to be dealt with carefully, unless you want the judgements overturned later. Favorable colors are golden topaz and bright emerald. Lucky numbers are 7 and 10.
You can make more in partnership under current aspects, so do your best to co-operate. It won't always be easy, since you know you can't get everything your own way. Both sides have to give in order to find a fairer deal. Luckily you should be socially on top form and popular. Out at parties, you'll say just what others want to hear, though it may not always be what you think or feel. Harmonious colors are laurel and gunmetal. Lucky numbers are 21 and 27.
Shining Jupiter, your life-ruler, is empowered by the Sun this Mothers Day, so it should be excellent for you! And for your Mum, because the other aspects are good too. With the Moon in Pisces, the lunar light is shining on your home and family situation, so it's an ideal time to enjoy a few hours with her and to share your dreams together. Be sure to give her a call. More on Mothers Day. Favorable colors are royal blue and steely grey. Lucky numbers are 6 and 7.
Life may seem a little slow going for you just now, with a lot of aggravation behind the scenes. But the main thing to remember is that this is a time of major change in your life. The harder you struggle, the greater your rewards will be in the future. You have a lot of energy for improving your surroundings or life situations. Move cautiously and try using tact to achieve the best results. Auspicious colors are carnelian and graphite. Lucky numbers are 13 and 50.
Let's not be too sweet on the surface, Archers. It's not your style. Be more honest about your real inner feelings. Seek beauty or luxury at home, where your appetite may be more tempted than usual. If your words are spilling out all over the place, other people may miss out on the sense. Stand back and try to come to a few conclusions before you leap back out again. Auspicious colors are marmalade and silver brocade. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
Bring a little beauty and romance into your day and share around your good feelings. With Giant Jupiter on your side, you will find it easier to express words and feelings in a way that have nothing to do with logic. A journey could bring you happiness. The more you talk to loved ones the more you will understand yourself. You need a chance to let old memories come up from the past, in order to settle them more happily in your mind. Beneficial colors are bright red and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 22 and 15.
If you feel dramatic, colorful and flamboyant today, be sure you have an appreciative audience. On the other hand Mercury dives into your house of work and health, so focus on schedules and assignment of responsibilities related to your work, as well as those who work for or with you. You need to be fitter, so review your physical lifestyle, and see whether you could improve your diet. It's time to take more exercise, or rest. Opportune colors are buckwheat and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 27 and 43.
Let yourself be indulged by others and take some time for the things you really like. You need people who will let you lean on them, yet still be allowed to fly free. Reassuring companions will give you more help and support than usual and be an anchor for you. Avoid overeating, because you will be tempted to pamper yourself. Your energy is erratic, but, with the Moon in your sign, everyone wants to spend time with you. Positive colors are royal blue and yellow sapphire. Lucky numbers are 15 and 23.
You are intensely involved in your intimate relationships until the end of June. It may feel like a struggle and you could be frustrated at points because of slow progress and other people's obstinacy. But you need to aim for greater security, emotional and financial. Reach compromise agreements which are fair to all concerned. Anyone who tries to double-cross or let you down will not be forgiven in a hurry. Auspicious colors are charcoal grey and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 6 and 37.
Your reputation is important to you now and you want to be respected. Everyone recognizes that you are straightforward in your intentions, but in your heart of hearts you know you need to change certain aspects of your emotional or domestic life. Clear the way for what will bring more fulfilment in the future. If some long-running relationships seem to be separating temporarily, it doesn't mean they'll disappear forever. Auspicious colors are dark purple and antique gold. Lucky numbers are 14 and 73.
There are times when you are happy to give to others, but also times when you feel deprived because no one seems to be giving back. Feeling resentful only makes you feel worse, and no-one will appreciate your help if it seems forced. Give yourself a treat to boost your spirits and remember to keep an open mind. If you can be tolerant and open to feedback, you will progress faster. Favorable colors are azure and ginger. Lucky numbers are 29 and 9.
Don't get panicky because everything is not going to plan. The planetary influences aren't good at boosting your ego. They will slow you down, but this could be to your advantage. Just go with the flow. You may find it difficult to communicate clearly with others, so double-check all travel arrangements and any kind of detailed instructions. And make sure the advice you are getting is reliable. Favorable colors are apple blossom and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 68 and 13.
You're dashing around, trying to sort out what other people think about this or that, but at the end of it all you reach your own conclusions and decide where you are going to commit your energy in the future. Try to listen to feedback since companions may have the wrong end of the stick. Indeed you may find it tricky to keep in focus yourself. Leave major situations until you are clearer. Ideal colors are navy and tan. Lucky numbers are 3 and 47.
You may be feeling stuck where one relationship is concerned, or insecure. It's just a passing cloud, so give yourself a shake and be more positive. Looking on the worst side of any situation will always throw up flaws and inadequacies. You are coming across as a strong personality, but secretive and unfathomable as well. No one quite knows what makes you tick, including yourself. Don't make close companions feel excluded or shut out. Auspicious colors are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 15 and 24.
May Day is traditionally a day of celebration and festivities, when young couples pair off (not always forever!). Are you the King or the Queen of May? Love is the flavor of the day, one of the traditional Cross-Quarter Days, marking the coming of summer to northern climes. Celebrations and love-linkings have been held since time immemorial on this day. You as a born traveller and investigator of the spiritual realms should know that the spirit of the flowers is active today and so sending flowers to your favourite would be a good thing. Read more on May Day. Fortunate colors are cobalt blue and yellow sapphire. Lucky numbers are 11 and 6.