Gemini's Horoscopes |



Born between: May 21st - June 20th

Adaptability is a Gemini's greatest strength which has positives for the workplace. Whilst their affection and imagination provides more great qualities; the negative of a Gemini is that they can be pessimism however they thrive on others optimistic nature.

You will find yourself bouncing around with more enthusiasm and gusto than usual. Having been held back recently by setbacks, or just low energy and less motivation, you will now be forging ahead. Today you just need to keep your feet on the ground and find a lot more self-discipline. Otherwise you might be tempted to promise more than you can deliver. Avoid over-extending yourself and taking on too many commitments. Fortuitous colors are burnt orange and navy. Lucky numbers are 56 and 1.
The Moon is stimulating light-hearted romance, children and entertainment. It is only a passing phase in the month, but you'll get more attention than usual, which may make it difficult to conceal your feelings from others. There is a spontaneous, exuberant, boisterous mood in the air, so let it all hang out, and step happily into the spotlight. Surrounded yourself with people who are fun. Propitious colors are bright gold and platinum. Lucky numbers are 6 and 39.
You're more stubborn than usual, slow to make decisions, and may eventually blow a fuse. Your patience will give you the strength to push for what you want. No one will easily push you off track once you know where you're going. Your staying power is greater than usual and others will find you dependable. You're feeling compassionate to those in need, but loved ones could find you evasive and unrealistic. Prosperous colors are dark red and avocado. Lucky numbers are 76 and 20.
Are you fascinated by mystical things? Longing to get away from the rational and practical world? Well, you know there are more things in heaven and earth than those which you can see and touch. That lazy streak will be more obvious than usual, so getting out of bed is more difficult than ever. Island life is calling you, Gem. Advantageous colors are pineapple and kiwi fruit. Lucky numbers are 9 and 41.
The mood, tends to be very switched on and switched off, so there is an unsettled feeling. However, it can bring some very positive aspects as well; you just have to be willing to take a risk, a little excitement and grasp new opportunities that come along. Giving in doesn't feel right just now, and workmates in particular may find you uncooperative. Beneficial colors are dusky pink and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 5 and 45.
Are you saying things in a way that others don't entirely understand? Blame it on the fickle Moon. Spend the morning reassessing your financial position, then prepare for a lively time later in the day, as the Moon zooms through fiery Leo. You'll be circulating in the local neighborhood. It's very stimulating, but be reflective, because words flow out like a flood. Sudden developments with a friend or in your group will be most entertaining, but could also be quite disruptive. Ideal colors are sapphire blue and ruby red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
Try to keep up your confidence, Gem. Saturn has a nasty habit of denting your self-esteem, so you feel that whatever it is you do isn't going to work particularly well. If you start with a negative attitude, then quite often you create your own bad luck. So think positively and put your best foot forward, but cautiously. Tightening your belt may be necessary for a brief while but there is nothing essentially catastrophic about cash shortages. Favorable colors are aqua and cream. Lucky numbers are 59 and 39.
As Mercury dashes into your sign, you feel so much more stimulated. All kinds of communication -- talking, writing and listening to people -- will go very well. Buzz buzz, it's hard to settle down and pore over boring details. Personal space is important in your domestic environment. However, being a Gemini, you simply must have an open house policy, so that your extended family and friends can come visiting on a more informal level. Ideal colors are vermillion and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 44 and 72.
Feeling more controlling about your possessions today? Not too happy to share? Shake yourself into motion to sort out your finances. Whims send you off in directions that are not always terribly wise, so be clear about what you are doing. Do the sums and the paperwork, then you'll be in a better position to know exactly what surplus cash, if any, you have. Auspicious colors are deep blue and pale grey. Lucky numbers are 2 and 14.
You should have lots of initiative, confidence and courage. New projects which you start now are likely to work very well, as the Moon is in your sign. You are zipping around with the kind of optimism and positive thinking that makes things happen. Good food and drink, beautiful clothes and a luxurious home life are all important to your sense of well being. However, don't be too materialistic in your approach, for it will slow down your progress. Harmonious colors are jet black and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 20.
The answer to a problem you've been having may emerge like a bolt out of the blue. Release the tension you have been carrying. Your feelings are more deeply involved now, so your reactions are more profound. It can be rather disconcerting to discover emotions you normally avoid. This is a time of self discovery and growth, which can teach you about meaningful relationships if you allow it. Consider doing a course, especially anything spiritual. Beneficial colors are bright orange and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 17 and 74.
Self sufficient and self absorbed today? No wonder! The New Moon brings a solar eclipse in your sign now, so your personal magnetism is magnificent and any projects you start are bound to succeed. You want to be the center of attention all day. Team dynamics are tricky as the focus is on you, but if you keep your ego under control, you can steer them in the right direction. Keep your temper under control. Fortunate colors are pale yellow and purple sage. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Where others are concerned, what they see is what they get. Pride yourself on being as upfront as possible. Not that you put on any effort or a performance, it is happening instinctively with your natural effervescence spilling over. At home you should find that peace is possible where there has been tension. Outer achievements and ambitions are less important than finding roots and security. Fortunate colors are silvery blue and antique gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 30.
You are picking up subtle clues about the unspoken needs of close friends and your partner. This makes you sensitive and caring, but you must be careful not to be pulled into shouldering everyone else's problems. You'll be asking yourself profound questions about the meaning of life. Old values are dissolving and new ones still developing. Trust yourself and the answers will come. Favorable colors are khaki and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 2 and 64.
Today's planetary influences produce a fiery, dynamic and very unpredictable effect, so expect sudden changes in your direction of life now. You must be free to do what expresses your individuality -- this is not a time to be following orders or fitting in with other people's plans. It is a challenging, exciting and slightly insecure time, when events will keep you constantly on your toes. Ideal colors are sage green and fawn. Lucky numbers are 10 and 70.
Are you too sensitive today, dear Gemini? It's unwise to interpret as criticisms things which were never meant to hurt. Don't overreact to what others say until you have checked out what was intended. It's not a good idea to make up your mind instantly until you've discussed it with everyone. Listen carefully and sort out the ideas you have been given, then you'll be able to judge the options and what's going to work. Dramatic colors are pumpkin and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
As Venus turns retrograde into your sign, your personal charm and willingness to cooperate will make a big difference in weeks ahead, so control that sharp tongue of yours. Beauty treatment is subject to mistakes or dissatisfaction due to emotional issues and problems with the perception of your actual self-image. Your fashion sense may be rather distorted. Your lovelife resembles a post-apocalyptic train wreck. An old love may reappear, probably not to your advantage. Ideal colors are creamy gold and spanish leather. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.
Having solid results to show for your efforts is always important, so don't be shy about demanding your rights or stating your worth. You will be tempted to spend larger sums than usual, since lively Mars under pressure can be compulsive. Iron out problems. Just make sure you are standing up for your rights. Luckily your charm works wonders, which keeps your popularity high. Advantageous colors are brown and silver. Lucky numbers are 17 and 5.
Mothers Day is here again, and sweet Venus is energized in your sign, so be sure to contact your mother. Other aspects are very nice too, so some good news is likely to emerge from behind the scenes. Friends will be helpful and thanks to your winning ways will be keen to aid you in achieving your cherished hopes and wishes. More on Mothers Day. Ideal colors are silvery blue and burnished copper. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.
The next few weeks can see you achieve your aims and will be competitive when it comes to earning more. You want the spending power to be more flamboyant as well as needing the long-term security which a nestegg brings. If you expect everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally perfect you could be setting yourself up for a letdown with unrealistic expectations. Bold colors are amber and crimson. Lucky numbers are 42 and 5.
In a restless mood, you want to be anywhere other than where you are. If you feel trapped, go talk to more adventurous people or find something to read that will stretch your mind. At home you'll be able to sort out quite a few situations that have been bugging you for some time. This is the ideal time for cleaning out, re-organizing and generally unravelling muddles. Get back in control. Effective colors are egg yolk and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 27 and 52.
Planetary influences make everything more harmonious.. If you feel inclined to glide over unpleasant edges, slide around awkward situations and move towards the people you really enjoy, then go with the flow. Your thinking is running along more practical lines than usual. Work towards a tangible result for your efforts; a disciplined approach and clear vision will make projects at work run smoothly. Favorable colors are apricot and treacle. Lucky numbers are 8 and 24.
You do have wonderfully inventive ideas that get right to the truth of the matter, but with the Sun and Mercury in your twelfth house, this is your time in the year to step back, take stock, recharge your batteries and let others do the running around. You are sensitive to atmospheres just now, so protect yourself against gloom and dejection. Certain information or activities must be kept confidential during this phase. Communicative colors are peach and marmalade. Lucky numbers are 12 and 22.
Feel like you need another self in whatever you are doing today, Gem? Whether at home or at work, it is very much a togetherness thing. Prepare for the odd confrontation through the day, not because you're assertive, but you just feel a little over-emotional. If you do stir up a problem, don't go too far. Who needs the stress..? Propitious colors are golden brown and pale blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 21.
Your long-term security becomes more important than usual. Acquiring more money is top priority, so fight to defend your rights and get your due rewards. Finding pleasure will be high on your list. Do not be too impulsive or reckless in taking on new commitments just to impress other people, but steer the middle course. Empowering colors are emerald and warm gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 33.
You love being surrounded by those you trust most and your talent for organizing an easy atmosphere is helping improve your family relationships. Expect sudden changes in your career or life direction now. You must be free to express your individuality. This isn't a time to follow orders or fit in with other people's plans. It's a challenging and slightly insecure time when events keep you on your toes. Balancing colors are warm tan and magnolia. Lucky numbers are 11 and 30.
Finding the balance between duty and pleasure is on your mind right now. You know you can't be an island unto yourself, but equally you don't want to be pushed and pulled around by other people. Be honest and careful under this Full Moon, so that the influences today can be more helpful. Keeping detached and unemotional will definitely be the key to success. Beneficial colors are carmine and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Relationships may be confusing, but face up to an unpleasant situation. Work out whether the muddle is deliberate, as someone may be trying to be evasive. Double-check all arrangements meticulously. Confusion surrounds travel plans, now or in the future, so sort it out at this stage, even though you may not feel like tackling practical projects. If someone has made a mistake, remember to be kind. Fortunate colors are taupe and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 8 and 3.
Feeling flamboyant and exuberant, there's no doubt the Twins are in the spotlight. You smooch, schmooze and generally put yourself about in a thoroughly charming fashion. Colleagues and co-workers adore your easygoing ways, so you should be able to pour oil on troubled waters. You can achieve almost anything today. Harmonious colors are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 6 and 27.
You have a definite need for something more exciting and thrilling, Gemini. You can exert your power by nudging others into doing something they might not really want to do. Be cautious, because you could find close companions get a bit resentful. Try to be more laid-back. Businesslike colors are amber and salmon. Lucky numbers are 9 and 6.
If you are taking a May Day holiday, it's just the day to lie in and luxuriate. It's hard to decide between two attractions, so watch how your words break out, as Mercury is under pressure. May Day is traditionally a day of celebration and festivities, when couples pair off (not always forever!), and with Venus in Gemini and Mars dancing, it's ideal for a get together with friends and for making a romantic connection. Read more on May Day. Excellent colors are silvery pink and lustrous yellow. Lucky numbers are 5 and 6.