Jack Panther Sleep

Jack Panther Sleep

Wellington-based indie-pop artist Jack Panther drops another stunning new single, 'Sleep' from the upcoming EP 'this dream i had', due for release on November 13. The single is the third release from Panthers upcoming EP, following'This Dream' and 'Headlights'. 


'Sleep' is Jack's most vulnerable track on the upcoming EP. The dark yet chilling lyrics were written as a diary entry during a trip to his now ex-partner in Dubai. Panther recalls: "It's a very personal track as every lyric really took place, nothing about it is fabricated. Most nights I was jet lagged and unable to sleep, so much circling around in my head I had to write it down." He emotionally states: "During the trip my heart was progressively breaking, I couldn't sleep as I gradually realised all of these red flags and it got to the point where I broke, I threw a bottle at him and left. 


As the world was hit by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Jack turned this difficult situation into an opportunity by teaming up with UK producer Ian Barter who previously worked with developing artists like Amy Winehouse, FKA Twigs and Paloma Faith.


About Jack Panther:

Jack Panther is a queer indie-pop artist born in Auckland, but now based in Wellington. From the first to the last track on the EP, Jack tells a narrative story of summer love, long distance relationship and heartbreak. His writing intertwines personal experiences with relatable feelings, which reveal Panther's own unique style of vulnerable and brooding indie-pop.