Karima S4S

Karima S4S

'S4S' is the debut solo release from Sudan via New Zealand, now Australian based singer-songwriter and actress KARIMA.

Sudanese-Kiwi actress Karima Madut previously known for her role as Clementine Dean on the popular NZ soapy Shortland Street, moved to Australia 5 years ago. Having moved to New Zealand from Kenya aged 7, Karima is the second African actor to have stared on the soap and also an accomplished artist having performed at high profile festivals in NZ and Australia including Rhythm and Vines, Splore, Womad and Subsonic.

'S4S' (Season for Singleness) is a silky smooth, piano-driven R&B flavoured gem, inspired by the idea that within our life cycle, we experience specific challenges or opportunities in which help us grow in deeper knowledge and help direct us in the path towards self-actualisation. 'S4S' is the recognition of the "season for singleness", to be independent of external love and instead find it within, to listen to our hearts.

KARIMA explores the paradoxical relationship between herself and love. S4S becomes a metaphor on how we can misdirect expectations onto others who may not be capable of meeting them. It's about finding fulfilment and being rooted in self-love. S4S is the Anthem for Acceptance, Courage, Solitude and Appreciation of the self.

Recently KARIMA has broadened her skill-set as an event curator and producer. She currently runs live music events "Sounds of Garden of Eden" and "Sycamore Sessions" under the banner of her live music and artist agency "Sycamore Entertainment." The agency focuses on promoting African talent in Australia while simultaneously building a melting pot artists' community where musicians and audiences alike come together to collaborate and celebrate music and the creators in the Melbourne community.


Actively broadening her artistic reach beyond her acting, she credits her explorations and interests in honing her understanding of people and deepening her understanding of art.