Leah Randazzo

Leah Randazzo

Not only does Leah have a strong and talented voice she also played the entire piano on her album, ?At the Root?. Any audience would love being in Leah Randazzo?s presence as she is so naturally gifted and has such a high-energy stage performance, whilst still stay sophisticated and passionate.

Leah Randazzos band formed in 2005 and is getting serious attention from songwriters whilst they used their vocals, rhythm and horns.

The best song on the album by far is ?My Weapon?, the song has killer lyrics mixed with blues jazz and soul beats and a fabulous ?weapon-like? voice.

Don?t be deceived by Leah?s look, she does look young and petite but her voice is matured far beyond an adult and she has a fresh and bright presence that you feel whilst listening and whilst watching her perform.

Leah Randazzo band contained, Andy Taylor (guitar), David Picchi (bass), Justin Annis (drums), Matt Stevenson (trumpet and flugelhorn), Joe Mayo (tenor saxophone), Alex Rodriguez (trombone), Stuart Schulman (violin), Susan Randazzo Schulaman (cello), Michael Gregory (percussion) and Makaya McCraven (percussion).