Nathalie Matthews

Nathalie Matthews

You can tell at the first listen that music has been a part of Canadian vocalist, Nathalie Matthews life for a very long time, she has just released her debut self-titled album which is sure to charm the ears of all listeners.

As a child Nathalie was encouraged to explore the arts. By the age of 11 she could play the flute, the saxophone and the piano, but it didn?t take her long to discover that her favourite instrument was her voice. With an amazing six-octave range and stellar stage presence, everyone who has heard her sing has been astounded by the maturity in her voice.

By the age of 16, Nathalie started her first band and soon became a home town favourite. She later entered the Mix Montreal Pageant and won due to the best talent category. With confidence beaming her Nathalie connected with the Grammy-award-winning highly-talented Celine Dion and landed the coveted spot of backup singer. After touring with Celine and learning the art of performance from one of Canada?s best Nathalie decided to strike out on her own. Nathalie formed a new band and began her own tour. Even before she had an album and airplay she had a large fan base.

Nathalie?s album Nathalie Matthews has a fantastic blend of pop and R&B, which contains heartfelt messages of love, pain and healing all from her emotional problems in which she triumphed. Her self-titled album even contains two songs in French, in honour of her roots.

Nathalie explains that her "music tells a story. Lots of people, especially women, can relate to my journey. I?ve loved. I?ve let go. I?ve put one dream on hold to pursue another. Now, I?m starting over. These experiences are the things that connect me to my audience. They make my music real, give it depth and allow me to sing from my soul."

Nathalie has a strong and outgoing personality that will help her assure fame. Once you hear her voice you?ll be a fan too.