Stacie Rose

Stacie Rose

Stacie Rose has just released her highly anticipated new record ?Shotgun Daisy?. The thrilling album contains Stacie?s signature hooks as well as a very poignant cast of musicians.

Gerry Leonard plays on six songs, Leonard is David Bowie?s music director and is currently touring with Rufus Wainwright. Jack Petruzelli, also on tour with Wainwright, is on guitars and keyboards. Shawn Pelton plays drums on two songs. Shawn Mullins (Lullaby) sings on one of Stacie?s songs. Steve Conte of the New York Dolls graces on four tracks and Lucy Woodward (Dumb Girls) sings on four songs.

James Maestro lends his strings to three songs, in between touring with Ian Hunter and Patti Smith. David Patterson plays on the whole record and has previously toured alongside Shawn Mullin and the Indigo Girls.

Jeff Allen one of the producers has played bass with Avril Lavigne and Dunkan Sheik and is currently doing shows with Roseanne Cash and Marc Cohn. Robert L. Smith the other producer of the record has worked with David Bowie and Rickie Lee Jones.

Stacie Rose describes her album as 'Easy yet difficult to write. The songs flowed, but some of the times were tough, as I had many tangled emotions to work through. Making the record was hard work, but profoundly healing and often uplifting for my soul.

Stacie Rose has had some massive highlights with this record. Her song ?Consider Me? was recently featured on MTV?s hit reality TV show, The Hills. Whilst her new title track ?Hope? was used for the Stom Out Cancer campaign. Four of Stacie Rose?s songs were featured on the hit MTV shows Sorority Life and Fraternity Life. Whilst she also has had time to cover the song ?You Are So Beautiful? for an IMAGE campaign.

Stacie Rose has an early but soulful feeling to her music that makes it easy to listen to whilst also cheering up any sad soul. Stacie?s fresh sound is refreshing whilst still being full of catchy hooks and effortless pop tunes. Her honest sounding heartfelt lyrics are powerful and make you feel her tangled emotions in a way other musicians can?t whilst still sounding sexy, fun and hip.