Wendy Sprio, Interweave

Wendy Sprio, Interweave

Wendy Sprio latest CD, Interweave, has been released. Interweave is a complication of ancient Celtic songs and original tunes and ballads. All pieces are vocal; most are supported by an array of instruments and harmonies.

Janet Bond described Interweave as "a beautiful and hauting CD. What Wendy Sprio has created with it is a gorgeous tale of life and love, happy and sad, child-like and gravely thoughtful."

Wendy Sprio is supported by a number of notable musicians including Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy.

Interweave is a CD for relaxing, the perfect CD for the long-drive home after a stressful day at the office or at any stage to relax the rushed soul.

Wendy Sprio currently resides in southern Vermont where she continues to devote her professional life to teaching music to hundreds of children in the public, private and non-profit schools, and therapeutically enhacing the lives of the ill and elderly in the clinical settings.