Lizzie McGuire Rumours

Lizzie McGuire Rumours

Lizzie McGuire - Rumours
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The Emmy-nominated hit comedy drama series from Disney which launched the career of Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff stars as Lizzie McGuire a typical 13-year-old girl making her way through the maze of high school and adolescence together with best friends Miranda and Gordo. Like most teenagers Lizzie has a head full of boys and a body full of hormones and is afflicted by the terminal embarrassment caused by seriously uncool parents.But there is one small thing that separates Lizzie from the crowd - whilst most teens have a chip on their shoulder, Lizzie has an animated alter-ego on hers - a cartoon Lizzie that says all the things that the flesh and blood Lizzie would only dream of.

With her alter ego and best friends in tow Lizzie lands into all sorts of hilarious misadventures and embarrassing situations which somehow always involve seriously stylin' fashions and the very coolest pop music.

The first Volume of Lizzie McGuire features the following 8 episodes:
Pool Party Picture Day Rumours I've Got Rhythmic When Mums Attack Jack Of All Trades Misadventures Of Babysitting

Lizzie McGuire Rumours
Rating: G Run
Time: 176 mins
Release: 4 March 2010
SRP: $14.95