Medhanit Same Things

Medhanit Same Things

Nearly a year to-the-day since releasing the debut single Her, Tasmanian-based artist Medhanit is releasing her second single Same Things. Born in the African country of Ethiopia and adopted at the age of 6 months, Medhanit grew up around music. "It feels like it was inevitable; as a baby, I would nap in the sound room at my Dads music store, so I like to think that had something to do with my passion for music now".

The past year has been a year of growth for Medhanit, expanding sonically with this release to create a song that is more a blend of organic and produced sounds. Medhanit reflects, "in a year where circumstances have drastically changed for everyone, this single represents many months of adjusting and reflection. The world was forced to slow down; it allowed me to fully absorb the creative process this time." After developing a great working relationship with producer Jack McLaine (Sumner) on the debut single, Jack was a natural choice for Same Things. To introduce the organic elements, they called on Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire, The Bamboos) for horns, Ben Edgar (Angus & Julia Stone, Passenger) for guitars. The single was mixed by John Castle (Cub Sport, Hatchie) and mastered by Grammy Award winner William Bowden (Gotye, Abbe May, Winston Surfshirt).

Same Things was co-written with Jack McLaine and Reuben Koops. After Medhanit heard Reuben's lyrics for the first verse, which spoke of an unhealthy co-dependence, a theme for the song emerged. They experimented with the idea of a casual but willing emotional addiction to something that's no longer serving you. The end result is a bright, bouncy pop track about an objectively dysfunctional relationship that exists mainly out of convenience and comfort.

Medhanit explains, "it's like when you're complaining about your ex over drinks with friends, outlining how you're straightup incompatible. Meanwhile, everyone (including you) is aware of whose house you'll be heading to at the end of the night. Both parties recognise a cycle of destructive behaviours but neither seem pressed to do much about it; self-aware but too co-dependent to change. There's the feeling that you know each other inside out and don't work together. You don't want each other to be with anyone else. At the end of the day, despite how much or little they love each other, the same behaviours repeat, informing the song title Same Things".

Influenced by Tkay Maidza, Angie McMahon and Benee, it's no wonder Medhanit's songs have been described as 'an assertive blend of youthful production and introspective lyrics'. "Tkay Maidza inspires me, not only musically but also generally. Her aesthetic and image is next level; her sonic evolution, stage presence and social voice are incredible".