Meer Paper ft. Morgana Osaki

Meer Paper ft. Morgana Osaki

Unapologetic and anthemic - Newcastle's MEER enlists Morgana Osaki on her empowered new single Paper, out now.


Reem Sefain (MEER) is known for her boundary shattering raw approach to hip hop, showering listeners buckets of attitude delivered with a bad bitch demeanor often over thumping bass driven instrumentals.


Originally from Auckland with Palestinian/Iraqi heritage MEER has recently made the move to Newcastle NSW linking up with legendary local producer Sparra (Kaden Green). The pair are currently working on MEER's debut solo album BAD HABITS, NO FRIENDS.


Paper is the second single from the album and boasts MEER's trademark attitude coupled with sickeningly sweet vocals from Morgana Osaki. The track, written out of the artists mutual frustration of F*ckboi's provides an embellished catharsis and warning for guys like that to not mess with fems like them. These themes are also perfectly embodied by the accompanying video set to drop sometime in the next few months.


"The track has a music video in the making behind it, very dramatic, exaggerated. Two fems meet at an NA meeting, they realise they have the same problem, they both hate fuck boys, so they plan to fuck shit up and steal their money, thats pretty much how it looks like in my head haha which is funny because I would never do that in real life." - MEER


Sonically the track opens with pulsing distorted synths, heavy wobbling base and echoing, demanding vocals swelling into the first verse from MEER. Paper boasts an almost cypher style song structure with both artists going back and forth on the first verse and into the hook.


Following the release of Paper, MEER will be working closely with Sparra to complete her debut album with the intent of releasing BAD HABITS, NO FRIENDS in the second half of 2021. Previously gracing the stages of festivals such as Auckland City Limits, Splore and Laneway, MEER will also be looking to make a return to the stage as restrictions ease.