Napoleon Holiday Packs

Cherubic skin, celestial makeup and a halo of light gleaming around you become a reality this summer with our divine new Angel Baby collection beamed down from the beauty heavens. Start with a sublime rainbow of lip and eye colors to set the right tone. Our heavenly brush set helps you wing it during a procession of parties, while luxe body lotions and shower gels ensure you're hovering on cloud nine. The best part? Portable, packable and giftableversions of all your favorite products. Say hello to your new guardian angels.

Kiss Miss Five purse-size lip lacquers for supernatural shine. Theminiature sizes of our lip lacquers are in inverse proportion to theirpower. These fiery little bombshells, in five arresting colors, can take alook from demure librarian to screen seductress with a single application.They drench your lips in long lasting sparkle, and condition them withsuperior blend of Avocado, Jojoba, Chamomile and Hazelnut Oils.

RRP: $45.

Angel Baby An enchanted makeup kit for heavenly beauty. Angel Babyis this season's version of divine intervention. The four-piece pack helpsyou soar to new glamour heights with an alchemic mix of items. Our LongBlack Mascara is the start of every look, setting the stage for mesmerizingeyes. Mini lip and eye pencils define and outline your best features. Andour dramatic Eye Quad Palette lets you create endlessly compelling looks.

RRP: $49.

Miracle Makers

Seven mini brushes that make glamour grooming abreeze. The magnificent seven of makeup brushes enclosed in oneconvenient kit. Quality brushes make a major difference when it comesto makeup application, and our collection includes top-notch versions ingoat, sable and synthetic for every zone of the face. The brushes arepresented in a black faux snakeskin bag with silver zipper, a chicaddition to any tote. They're perfect for travel, for touch-ups, or foreveryday use.

RRP: $99.

Heaven Scent

Mini versions of our sweet-scented body lotionsand decadent shower gels. How can anyone resist deluxe samplesizes of our signature body lotions and shower gels? Fig &Pomegranate, French Lemon and Gardenia Glam form the flagrantlyfragrant selection, cleansing and anointing skin with theirintoxicating fruity-floral scents. Don't leave home without them.

RRP: $35.

Angel Baby, Miracle Makers and Heaven Scent packs will be available in Napoleon Perdis concept stores and David JonesAUS Stockist Enquiries - 1800 814 572