Napoleon Perdis Eye, Lip and Brow Pencils

Napoleon Perdis Eye, Lip and Brow Pencils

Napoleon Perdis Eye, Lip and Brow Pencils

Life is more fun when you read between the lines, especially if those lines are composed of zinging colour. Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics, Australia's leading makeup brand, is fleshing out its collection of eye, lip and brow pencils with dazzling new formulations and a beguiling array of new shades. The pencils, 22 in total, glide on effortlessly and stay put for long wearability. A stellar pencil is both the first and final touch for any look, from dramatically defined to smoldering effects, from winged eyes to strong lips and lush groomed brows. The Napoleon Perdis collection lets you line, define and refine your features with masterful results each time. "Time to sharpen up your winter beauty look," says Napoleon Perdis, "and sometimes all it takes is a little shimmering liner."

Super Precise Brow Liner
"Don't let you brows take a beating. Use a precision liner." - Napoleon
Napoleon Perdis Brow Pencils are ultra soft, glide on easily and blend on demand for a natural look. The retractable applicator means there is no sharpening required, while the smooth lead covers even the tiniest gaps in the brows. The lasting formula is free of mineral oil and preservatives and contains natural anti-oxidants fro added protection.
Pro Tip: The secret to amplifying sparse brows is to create natural-looking texture. Select a pencil in a matching shade, scribble it onto the back of your hand and apply the colour to your brow using a stiff angled brush. Use the same pencil to simulate individual hairs by drawing directly onto the brow. Blend with a brow comb.
RRP: $24

Natural Kohl Eyeliner
"The windows to the soul require an equally beautiful frame." - Napoleon
Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencils are sophisticated wood-clenched tools that provide excellent coverage and exact lining. With an easy grip handle, each pencil gently outlines the eye with a soft, creamy formula that is easily blendable and available in a tempting variety of kaleidoscopic colours- from 'Bottle Green' to 'Blue Denim'. The lasting formula is free of mineral oil and preservatives and contains natural anti-oxidants for added protections.
Pro Tip: Smudge pencil after application with a brush for a sizzling, smoky finish. Line about the upper and lower lash line with a touch of blue eyeliner- it brightens up the eye and accentuates the whites. Lining the inner rim of the eye with white liner makes the eyes appear larger and fresher since it reduces redness.
RRP: $24

High Precision Lip Liner
"Keep your lips looking sharp with my precision pencils." - Napoleon
Napoleon Perdis Lip Liner is a true treat for the lips, the ideals partner to either a full coverage lipstick or a shiny gloss. Each pencil provides a soft and smooth look in vivid colour ranging from 'Hot Mocha' to 'Mauve Minx'. To enhance the natural shape of your lips, the liner glides on gently with no feathering. The lasting formula is free of mineral oil and preservatives and contains natural anti-oxidants for added protection.
Pro Tip: Apply liner after- not before- you apply lipstick. The liner will glide on smoothly, leaving a more natural outline, and still prevent the colour from bleeding.

Napoleon Perdis picked up his first makeup brush at the age of 14 to help his glamorous mother primp for a soiree. Since then the self-taught makeup artist has long dreamed of spreading his glamour gospel. A native of Sydney, Australia, and now based in Los Angeles, Perdis has always sought to demystify makeup, and transform runway and red carpet trends to reality. The Napoleon Perdis philosophy is not dictated by fashion: it's about accenting your natural beauty with confidence-building products. Last year, in addition to taking his company global, the leading artist launched anew line exclusively for Target, NP Set. Perdis is also still an in-demand makeup artist. Since its unveiling to the U.S., the brand has attracted celeb fans including Jessica Szohr, AnnaLynne McCord, Lindsay Lohan, Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, Jessica Lowndes, Shenae Grimes, Melissa George, Amanda Bynes and Hilary and Hayley Duff, among others.

Available at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, David Jones and over 650 pharmacies and salons throughout Australia.
Stockist: 1800 814 572


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