Netta Goody Bag

Netta Goody Bag

Netta (Netta Barzilai) drops her Goody Bag EP (S-Curve Records/BMG), a collection of six tracks including 'Toy', the song that won the Israeli superstar and worldwide master (and rulebreaker) her Eurovision title in 2018.


In addition to 'Toy', Goody Bag features previous singles 'Bassa Sababa', 'Nana Banana', the absurd ode to America 'Ricki Lake' and her newest single 'Cuckoo'. The EP also features 'Cuckoo (Music Box Version)' – an eerily poignant acoustic take on the ballad which she performs using a handmade music box. 


With over 800 million combined Global streams to date, the music on Goody Bag is a one-of-a-kind, colourful taste of the quirk-pop that sets Netta up to continue her global domination. 


Over the past three months, Netta has been called a "powerhouse singer with a skilful spunk that drops your jaw open and keeps your heart entertained" by LADYGUNN, "quirky, funny, and entertaining as heck" by BUST, "the role model even she didn't know we needed" by Hey Alma and more, with Billboard specifically calling 'Cuckoo', "a standout performance".


Goody Bag

1. Toy

2. Bassa Sababa

3. Nana Banana

4. Ricki Lake

5. Cuckoo

6. Cuckoo (Music Box Version)