Otto Knows Can't Stop Drinking About You Interview

Otto Knows Can't Stop Drinking About You Interview

Otto Knows Can't Stop Drinking About You Interview

Since his debut release of 'Million Voices' back in 2012, Otto Knows has been hard at work. His follow up single -Parachute' exploded into summer and he's back again with a rework of Bebe Rexha's -Can't Stop Drinking About You', scheduled to be released in September via Refune. Reconstructing the track from a melodic pop song into a high energy club anthem, Otto adds his signature style with hands in the air synths and a euphoric drop, all without stifling Bebe Rexha got her first break as the front woman for the Pete Wentz project, Black Cards.

With Wentz returning to Fall Out Boy duties, Bebe started writing songs which lead her to co-penning Eminem's chart smash -The Monster' that spent 5 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Charts, and sold over 5 millions singles worldwide. Recently enjoying mainstream success as the writer and featured artist on the debut single for Cash Cash, -Take Me Home', Bebe has been listed as one of Billboard-s -Buzzing, Breaking, Blowing Up' acts who is set to define 2014' and her collaboration with Otto Knows only further enhances her status.

In-between reworking Bebe's single, Otto has spent his summer on the road, stopping at critically acclaimed dance festivals Global Gathering, Creamfields and Electric Zoo, as well as further appearances at the world renowned Departures night in Ibiza's Ushuaïa club Having launched his summer with the anthemic -Parachute' Otto is gaining momentum and shows no sign of slowing. As he looks set to close out the season in style with the excellent -I Can't Stop Drinking About You', be prepared to hear a lot more from Otto Knows.

Interview with Otto Knows

Question: How would you describe your music?

Otto Knows: I think it depends on what mood I'm in. When I step into the booth in a dark underground club early in the morning or when I play a sunset in Ibiza I definitely play different to when I play at a festival. But my thoughts behind are always the same. I'm trying to take the crowd on a journey through music.

Question: Can you tell us about your new tracks?

Otto Knows: This year I've released my single "Parachute" and a rework of a Bebe Rexha song called "Can't Stop Drinking About You". I'm always trying to do better and develop my sound. I think that's what inspires me. It keeps it interesting in a way, because once I've finished one song I'm really excited to continue on the next one.

Question: Where do you find your music inspiration?

Otto Knows: In my life, both professionally and personally. Other music genres inspires me a lot too.

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Otto Knows: A little bit of everything. I'm a big Coldplay fan.

Question: What's next? Tour/Album/Single?

Otto Knows: Right now I'm in South America playing in Mexico, and Creamfields in Argentina & Chile. Then I'll be touring Asia and some UK dates before ending the year in Brazil. Music wise I'm working on lots of new stuff and I'm really looking forward to everyone hearing my next single.

Question: Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?

Otto Knows: No! Never quitting. There are moments when you're tired from touring and jet lagged but still have to make music which is kind of tough. But it's always worth it!

Question: What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Otto Knows: My real musical interests took off when I heard Axwell, Seb Ingrosso and Eric Prydz when I was maybe 15/16, I really got addicted to music in some kind of weird way. So I think I would have to say those three guys have been my biggest idols when it comes to my music.

Question: What's a typical day like?

Otto Knows: It depends whether you're touring or not (of course). When I'm touring it's a pretty hectic schedule with a lot of traveling every day and shows at night. So when I get back home I try and take a few days to hang out with my friends and family before going into the studio to work again.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Otto Knows: That I have the ability to make a difference for people; when people link music to certain feelings or moments in their life, 'When I met her I remember I listened to this song all the time" or 'this song reminds me of my graduation", that's a great feeling. I noticed performances also could make a huge impact on people's life. I feel like I accomplish something when I get tweets the day after a show or even two years later, where someone say that the night they went to my show was the best night in their life.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Otto Knows: I would love to collaborate with a lot of artists. Right now I really want to focus on my own stuff. Feels like I have so many unfinished projects I need to get done before I start something new. But there are so many beautiful voices and talented people I wanna work with in the future.

Question: Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

Otto Knows: Friends, family, football, doing something you love for a living and MUSIC – of course.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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