Our Favourite Eye Make-Up Looks for This Summer

Our Favourite Eye Make-Up Looks for This Summer

It may be the middle of winter, but I am still dreaming about spring and summer days spent at the beach sunbathing and surfing and, you know, just being sociable and not hibernating.

This winter hibernation, however, is the perfect time to catch up on the latest beauty trends in the northern hemisphere and see what we might have in store for us here next season – I'm particularly obsessed with eye makeup so wanted to give you the rundown on what's going to be hot this coming summer.

Eye shadow is no longer a palette of neutrals and nudes, although they can come in handy on occasion – interviews, weddings etc. But summer is also play-time, a time for bright, fun colours, festival makeup and dare I even say glitter?

So, what IS hot summer 19/20? – Let's take a look at these smoking, sultry, and sexy eye trends that frankly, I can't wait to rock! Be sure to team them with some killer lashes for the ultimate dramatic effect!

Yeah, I said it. Ever since Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone rocked it, we got green with envy! Any shade will do. The clean, crisp colour of green makes everyone's eyes look fresh and bright!

Get Euphoric!
Over in the states, HBO's hit summer show, Euphoria really pushed the boundaries of teen makeup. The shows glam team introduced some awesome eye trends that are to die for! Experiment with multi-coloured eyeliners over muted tones of powder and watch your eyes pop! Mix and match with your mood and make a statement! The makeup looks were so popular that they even made it into Refinery's top eye makeup looks for the summer.

Sparkle is Everything
Eye jewellery is a thing now, especially when it's festival season! Tiny sequins and rhinestones can be applied to the lid in place of eyeliner for a genuine gemstone look!

Glitter Eye Gloss
For hot, sultry summer nights, waterproof glitter eye gloss will bring out your inner mermaid as you frolic poolside or have just spent all day catching waves. It's easy to apply and remove and gives a quick statement look!

Mineral Shades
I love how much gold, silver and bronze shades just remind me of long, hot summer days. I love wearing Bare Minerals makeup in the summer because it's light yet super pigmented making my eyes look like the rare and precious commodities that they are!

The Cat is Back!
Actually, the cat hasn't left the building since the 1950s. But the winged, cat-eye liner trend has been updated by modern makeup technology – even I can successfully do the winged eyeliner look in seconds now - Formulas and colours are easier to apply, are smudge and water-resistant, and come in a ton of purr-fectly delicious colours! Meow!

Finishing Touches
Finally, one thing that goes without saying in each individual trend I mentioned above is mascara. Choosing the right mascara can literally make or break your eye makeup. They say, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then mascara is definitely the frame.

A good mascara accentuates the shape of the eyes, makes them look wider, bigger, bolder. Our eyes are expressive and mascara magnifies us. Whether you have bare lashes or bold fakes, choose a high-quality mascara that compliments your carefully constructed eye shadow look. Don't be afraid to experiment with other colours of mascara, either! Get one for every mood and every occasion!