Philips Lighting HUE 2.0

Philips Lighting HUE 2.0

Philips Lighting has taken lighting from the home to the stage, to bring to life a highly conceptual theatre play where the story was determined by the lighting, which was controlled by the audience. Simulating the connection between lighting and mood, the immersive experience took the classic story of Romeo and Juliet and let a live audience re-write the production entirely through light via the Philips Hue 2.0 app.


Three light settings - romance, drama and thrill setup within the app and controlled wirelessly through a phone allowed the live audience to lead the plot with a touch of a button. More than 45 Hue lights, installed on stage changed in real time according to the setting selected, transforming the mood and acting as a cue change for the cast to react and improvise their script and movements.


Jasmin Tarasin says, 'This play is everything I love about being a director - bringing to life an off-grid idea to create a theatre experience that is memorable and arresting for the audience. Lighting has always been a powerful tool in theatre and I love that we've been able to use this to drive the performance and truly capture the spontaneity and emotion that comes with improvisation."


Filmed live by a team of roaming cinematographers, the play, which is available online from today, opens with a classic scene from the universally recognised story of Romeo and Juliet with the rest of the scenes unfolding determined by the audience. When a member of the audience selects romance, the stage quickly turns into a warm pink light signaling a change to a romantic love scene.


'The video perfectly captures the evolving plot and suspense of the audience as they guessed what the ending would be. The reaction of the audience as the play twists and turns shows how taking control of the mood and tone of a space, impacts your own lifestyle. It's been a pleasure to create a forward-thinking theatrical experience!"


HUE 2.0, is a new wave of smart interconnected lighting launched to take lighting beyond illumination to improve the overall lifestyle of Australians. Bringing to life an inter-reactive theatre play, in a home setting and allowing a live audience to take full control of what happens on stage shows consumers how they can control elements of their own life through light.


Sam Dearden, consumer marketing manager for Philips Lighting Australia says, 'Putting the mood of an entire production into the hands of a live audience, allowing them to control the tone entirely through smart connected light has given us the opportunity to show the connection between lighting and overall lifestyle.


'With the new technology that is available with Hue there is more to lighting than people realise. We've loved creating a world-first experience to show how integral lighting is to our lives - perfectly captured by the reactions of the live audience," adds Sam.


For more information on Phillips Hue technology, visit 


Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT) is a global leader in lighting products, systems and services. Our understanding of how lighting positively affects people coupled with our deep technological know-how enable us to deliver digital lighting innovations that unlock new business value, deliver rich user experiences and help to improve lives. Serving professional and consumer markets, we sell more energy efficient LED lighting than any other company. We lead the industry in connected lighting systems and services, leveraging the Internet of Things to take light beyond illumination and transform homes, buildings and urban spaces. In 2015, we had sales of EUR 7.4 billion and have approximately 36,000 employees in over 70 countries. News from Philips Lighting is located at



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