Quinn Karter Overdramatic feat. Bryar

Quinn Karter Overdramatic feat. Bryar

Sydney-via-Brisbane producer Quinn Karter has released her new single 'Overdramatic feat. Bryar' on Central Station Records, following up her debut 'Moshi Moshi' on Dark Machine Records earlier this year.

The original follows on from her first official remix for Odd Mob's 'Bad Moon', with all three releases showcasing her diverse production skills - an artist to keep a close eye on in the very early stages of her career!

On the new record, she shares, "This track came about pretty quickly after having a realisation that I wanted to explore more than just the club bangers. I unlocked a new side of me and wanted to write a track that takes you on a journey, feels good and is uplifting. It started with basic chords and evolved quickly, the drop just happened so organically after feeling super inspired"

"After receiving the topline back from Bryar, I was bloody excited! It really brought depth and new life to it and I'm so pumped to have Bryar feature on this! I hope it's something special that people feel they can relate to and or just a fun electronic bop for others."

Australia's Quinn Karter's musical journey started many years ago when at the age of 2 she was already being taught piano and composing. Having 2 multi-instrumentalist parents, it's fair to say music was well and truly running through her veins.

Quinn Karter discovered electronic music when her Mum was completing her masters in music technology and brought the digital work space 'Logic' home. From this point forward, there was no stopping QK, producing & composing from age 14, further pursuing this after high school by completing her diploma of Electronic Music Production from SAE.

Fast forward to now. Quinn Karter has two sides, much like day and night, which is expressed through her music. Quinn "Q" is your day, Quinn's songs will hit you in the feels and take you on a journey. Karter "K" is your night. Karter's tracks are the hard hitters and make you forget what you had for breakfast.

Despite the craziness going on in 2020, QK has managed to release an official remix for Odd Mob and drop a club banger on ShockOne's Dark Machine Records. For 'Overdramatic' Quinn invokes her Q side and teams up with Nashville singer songwriter Bryar for a lush melodic heartfelt tune that is sure to spark emotion.