Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music

Historic 17th Event

The State Theatre's longest-running live musical – Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music – returns for a historic 17th year next February 17 with two special shows set to bring the magic of the world's all-time most successful musical to life.


Tickets are on sale for the beloved interactive event, which year-on-year sees hundreds of film fanatics and families of all ages dress to the nines and join voices in a rousing homage to the iconic 1965 Julie Andrews classic.


Over a matinee (1.00pm) and evening (7.30pm) show, the State theatre's quintessential European-style backdrop will transport Sydney audiences into Fräulein Maria's grandeur world of songbird abbeys, Do-Re-Mes and Austrian Alps.


Presented up on the big screen in all of its technicolour glory with song sub-titles to accompany each unforgettable song, Sing-A-Long–A Sound of Music offers up an immersive bucket-list spectacle for stage-destined musical belters, avid fans and secret shower singers alike.


In celebration of the show's landmark 17th birthday, event organisers are encouraging audience members to go above and beyond with their outfit-choices for the all-important costume parade!


A special host will lead the pre-screening vocal warm up, guide audience members through the show's interactive fun packs and accompanying actions and – with a little help from the audience – crown the coveted best costume winner.


Attendees are applauded for their elaborate and imaginative outfits – everything from gaggles of nuns and brown paper packages tied up with string, to girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, goats and goat herders and even the Alps themselves!


VENUE: State Theatre, Sydney

DATES: Saturday 17 February 2018 at 1pm & 7.30pm





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