Small World Fashion Kits

Small World Fashion Kits

Small World Fashion


Colourful, classic, quality fashion kits for designing and creating a number of fashion accessories.
Everything is included to create beautifully finished,decorative fashion accessories.
The wide range of kits will appeal to girls of all ages!


Beaded Beauty

It's a beading rage with this professional "cool tool"!
Young girls can create unique colourfully beaded hairstyles in just minutes and be a trend setter.
The set includes a battery-operated bead threader device, beads in assorted colours, rubber bands, comb and detailed instructions.

RRP: $36.95



Hair-Brite Pastels

Young girls can add easy-to-rinse-out shades to their hair and apply glitter hair tattoos!
Then colour a stylish cosmetic bag – WOW!

RRP $34.95


Nail Designer Device

Young ladies can now own a complete professional studio of nail design!
Change plain nails into fancy fingers!
The set includes a device for printing designs on nails, a double-sided metal disk, nail polish, artificial nails, glitter powder, a styling manual and more!

RRP $36.95



Nail Boutique

Young girls can now pamper their fingers and toes with these 2 battery operated devices!
The set includes a battery-operated nail dryer, battery-operated manicure and pedicure device, 6 bottles of nail polish and more!

RRP: $36.95



Emoticon Braclets

Young girls can design and create their own unique fashion statement!

The set includes safety pins, beads and funny faced icons in a myriad of vibrant colours!

RRP: $16.95


Tangle Bangles

Create stylish knotted bracelets with these beads and unique polymer charms.
It is fun and easy to make 8 amazing bracelets.

RRP: $16.95



Review: I love the fashion range from Theatrix, great way to entertain girls through the winter months, or add a bit of colour as you come into spring & Christmas.  These are just a few from the 'fashion' range, there are lots more jewellery options, hair, nail kits, plus many fashion & bag design kits to explore.  Hours of fun by themselves or with friends, plus also make great gifts.  Young girls dream of beading their hair, painting their nails and designing jewellery.  Next on my list, Friendship Braclets.


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