Strawberry Smoothie Foaming Salt Scrub

Strawberry Smoothie Foaming Salt Scrub

8 oz. (227 grams) foaming bath whip
14 oz. (113 grams) dendritic salt
1 oz. (28 grams) strawberry fruit powder
.25 oz. (7 grams) strawberry fragrance oil
2 teaspoons Fuschia Pink mica powder

In a large container, weigh out the foaming bath whip base and the fragrance oil. Mix together. (I specifically used Crafter's Choice foaming bath whip for my strawberry smoothie foaming salt scrub recipe.)
In a separate container weigh out the salt and strawberry fruit powder.
Then, using a measuring spoon, measure out the mica powder. Mix the mica, strawberry powder and salt together then pour into the scented foaming bath whip base, mixing with a spatula as you go.
Once the dry ingredients are incorporated into the scented foaming bath whip base, mix well with a hand mixer on high speed for 3-5 minutes.
Now spoon or pipe the strawberry smoothie foaming salt scrub into your containers of choice.

How to Use This Foaming Salt Scrub:
To use, simply remove desired amount and massage onto damp skin in the shower to cleanse, tone and exfoliate, then rinse off.



While we're all spending some much needed time at home in the next couple of weeks, why not enjoy a little extra self-care? Facemasks, DIY beauty treatments and at home beauty treatments are the perfect retreat from the daily madness.


Looking for a treatment that's both relaxing and full of nutritional benefits for your skin? You're in luck!


Aussie mangoes are packed with Vitamin C to supplement your beauty routine for healthy, supple glowing skin! Nothing feels better on your skin than a cool mango facemask perfect for hydration.


Nutritionist Jemma O'Hanlon lists the benefits below:


  • * Vitamin A – no surprises here but 1 mango provides over 50% of the RDI for vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for our eyes and healthy glowing skin.
  • * Folate – 1 for brain function and a healthy immune system.


In addition, strawberries are a natural source of powerful antioxidants, which help to improve the skin's elasticity. They contain more vitamin C, per weight than oranges, which helps to brighten and tone, along with both malic and citric acids, which gently cleanse and exfoliate!


  • * Strawberry smoothie foaming salt scrub – rich in polyphenols & vit C with skin soothing and toning properties
  • * Mango Body butter perfect for hydrating skin with mango, oil and butter - helping to combat free radicals damage from the sun's rays and air pollution
  • * Strawberry, honey and coconut oil hair mask – leaving your hair healthy and full of sheen 
  • * Mango butter lip balm, almond oil mango and shea butter -  for dewy hydrated kissable lips