How To Achieve Being Stylish on Every Occasion

How To Achieve Being Stylish on Every Occasion

How To Achieve Being Stylish on Every Occasion

Finding the perfect dress or outfit for an occasion is a tough task. We are all guilty of making that fashion faux pas at some time by showing up either overdressed or underdressed. The right attire should allow your personality to shine through while reflecting a signature dressing style that is as unique as the person sporting the attire. You'll want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go--but for the right reasons.

Pay Attention to the Basics
Before we talk about some practical fashion tips to adopt, let's talk about the basic elements of looking awesome. And that includes, always having perfectly manicured hands and feet with well-cut and styled hair. Choose a cut that you can simply blow-dry when you're short of time before stepping out. Being well-groomed will make you look fantastic, even if you're going out for a morning run in grungy sweatpants. Ready to move on to the perfect dressing sense?

Hire Dresses Instead of Buying Them
Going shopping every time you need to attend an event is wasteful and puts a strain on your budget, not to mention closet space. More fashionistas are now concerned about eliminating their fashion carbon footprint which has led to the emergence of a new trend. You can now consider hiring dresses in Sydney instead of purchasing them.

Check online fashion-for-hire stores and you'll find an impressive collection of apparel designed by the top couturiers of the world. You can pick out the pieces you like from their catalogs and have them delivered to your doorstep. Once you're done with the clothing, return it, and place a fresh order for the next event. You'll always have something new to wear without the guilt of sending barely-used dresses to landfills.

Edit Your Wardrobe
Having a closet bursting at the seams does not translate into having something nice to wear. Most of us have tons of clothes, but actually only wear about 20% of that collection. It's time to edit your wardrobe and donate the stuff you know you won't use. Start by emptying out the racks and dumping all the clothing on your bed. Pick out the apparel that fits you perfectly and stack them separately. Now separate the off-season pieces for storage. Whatever you're left with has to go. If you haven't worn these clothes in this season or the last, they need to be retired. Don't assume things will come back into fashion. When they do, you can always hire what you need.

Accessorize, Accessorize
Accessories put the final touches to every attire and you can play around with necklaces, bangles, rings, belts, and earrings. Unless you're attending a wedding or a high-end party, choose subdued pieces that enhance your overall look and appeal. And, if you like subtlety, how about body inking? Express yourself by getting fairy tattoos or any other design that appeals to you.

Change Your Shopping Strategies
Make it a rule never to purchase a piece of clothing unless you absolutely love it. Shopping during the sale and picking up things simply because of the dirt-cheap prices is not the way to go. If you look at a shirt or skirt and think, "I could wear this!" don't buy it. But, if those pants look fantastic on you, go ahead and buy two in the same style, or even a third in a different color. Every stylish wardrobe must have a couple of expensive pieces from top brands, whether a jacket, bag, or shoes. Once in a while, splurge on something pretty. Combining that one item into your outfit will transform your entire look when you're in doubt about what to wear.

Dressing well is not just important for creating a great impression; it's also about feeling confident. Use these tips to change how you dress, and you're sure to make a style statement.