Taylor B-W Nunchucks

Taylor B-W Nunchucks

Blending together cool-girl pop sensibilities with a knack for rich alt-R&B notes, Taylor B-W unleashes her new single, 'Nunchucks'. Built against a rich combination of production, percussion and soaring vocals, the song is packed with fun attitude and spirit to match.

As her first release for 2021, 'Nunchucks' is a great introduction to Taylor B-W for newcomers though for fans who have been following the talented artist, this is simply a fired up new addition to a strongly growing body of work.

For 'Nunchucks', Taylor worked with producer Shivaji at the latter's Central Coast studio after laying vocal arrangements from home in Marrickville. With influences ranging from Kimbra to BANKS and Halsey, 'Nunchucks' is driven by a sense of having fun and living for yourself.

"The song is about giving up on a relationship; I've done as much as I can, there's nothing else worth fighting for in this partnership. So why bother?  It's a no strings attached pop song: nothing deep, just fun." Taylor B-W

Bringing her fun and sassy nature to the music video for 'Nunchucks', Taylor hit a number of locations (including the Sydenham basketball courts and Newtown's Vintage @ 313) with Moose Visuals to bring her ideas to life. 

"Having always been inspired by '90s music and culture, including the bright outfits and cheeky attitudes of R&B female groups and artists like TLC, Salt 'n' Pepa, Janet Jackson and The Spice Girls, I wanted to give a nostalgic nod to that era by incorporating the '90s vibe into the whole look of the single." Taylor B-W