The Jungle Book Volume 1 DVD

The Jungle Book Volume 1 DVD

Genre: Family
Rated: G
Running Time: 66 minutes

If you're ready for new jungle adventures, or missed the ABC's modern adaptation of the classic adventure, The Jungle Book is a bare necessity, as volume 1 swings onto DVD from Universal Pictures.

Floundering around the jungle with the world's favourite 'man-cub', Mowgli has never been so much fun as The Jungle Book comes alive with new state of the art animation. Combined with compelling adventures, this traditional tale gives a fresh voice to a new generation.

Children aged from 5-9 will be enthralled by Mowgli's adventures, as he roams his jungle home with his best four-pawed pals, exploring the exciting places deep in the Seeonee Indian jungle. Meet Baloo the hysterical wise bear, Bagheera the loyal black panther and Mowgli's (sometimes!) rock python mate, the mighty Kaa.

So are you ready to hear your children roar with excitement as they fall in love with Mowgli and friends in The Jungle Book Volume 1 available now on DVD.

The Jungle Book Volume 1
RRP: $19.95


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